Get “Interspace Disorientation 3” limited edition demon blue E with Exclusive blue-black matches colors at $ 224.41

The IT family news released news about the “Interspace Disorientation 3” on the 31st August, 2016. As a surprise the demon race which encourages the demon blue E interspace disorientation to collect the version cell phone with limited quantity was supposed to be released on September 2nd during China’s first showing at 10 am. The day cat flagship together with the Su Ningxian immediately went online under the demon race official commercial city a demon race line selling a limited quantity of 5000 at a selling price of $ 224.41.

The demon blue E interspace disorientation which is responsible with the collection of these cell phone versions and selection of the blue metal top plate matching black front panel with limited quantity externally was in the fore front to match the colors of this series. It also has a custom made plate meant to join the interspace disorientation exclusive logo in the machine cover. It also has an interspace disorientation carefully designed in addition to its custom made User interface.

Besides the above characteristics, the demon blue E together with its ordinary version is able to maintain a consistent disposition. It uses 5.5 inches 1080P IPS display monitor; Carrying unites the round of branch Helio P10 eight nuclear processors; 3GB LPDDR3 memory and 32GB fuselage memory; Matches 1300 all phenomena on earth Suso IMX258 cameras as well as 5 million pixel pretage lens; the 3100mAh battery, supports mCharge to be quick; Supports the double caliper pair, when the 4G entire net passes, supports the 4G+ network as well as the VoLTE high-definition voice call.

The demon blue E Flyme system, supports the mTouch operation and fingerprint identification, supports Alipay and micro letter payment, supports to control remotely first mass production Internet automobile Rongwei RX5.

As for the “interspace disorientation 3: Surmounts stars”, this movie is “Interspace Disorientation” series movie newest work, will be to unite the product by American Paramount film company and dance of production company US sky the science fiction risk piece, the movie was screened in the US on the 22nd July, on 3D, IMAX3D and Chinese great curtain in China on September 2, 2016.

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