5000mAh Battery Associates With Vibe P2 Gongxinbu As It Enters The Net


Association long-duration new machine Vibe P2 that family of news IT on August 31 the news, exposed recently already came in Gongxinbu, this also means that this machine will land the domestic market quickly, refers to the P1 selling price, this machine fixed price should about 2000 Yuan.

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Gongxinbu showed that the code number of this machine is Lenovo P2c72, this code number also from one side confirmed that yesterday through P2a42 of US Bluetooth qualification was also P2, in which c and a referred to a generation of China and US separately.

In addition, the measurements size of this machine is 153×76×8.29mm, heavy 179g, for the integrated metal fuselage design, wins the gold, silver medals and grey three types to match colors, its biggest spotlight has provided the 5000mAh large capacity battery.

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Disposition, Vibe P2 uses 5.5 inches 1080P display monitor, carries the basic frequency 2GHz bold dragon 625 processors, 4GB RAM+32/64GB ROM, after first 500W+, the 1300W pixel camera combination, runs the Android 6.0 systems, supports the positive fingerprint identification, supports the 4G entire net to pass.


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