Roome 3D Gesture Control Smart Night Lamp

Roome 3D Gesture Control Smart Night Lamp is a newly launched wonder gadget that you must own. As the overall standard of living is improving gradually, the needs of the people are also changing with time. They look for more comfort, leisure and entertainment to make up for all the hard work they do in their day-to-day life. Most of them buy a variety of electronic appliances and gadgets that can be used for various purposes. They often become a headache when it comes to operating them if you have a gadget for every purpose.

The solution to this problem is to use gadgets that have several functions so that you don’t have to use a lot of gadgets at the same time. Roome 3D Gesture Control Smart Night Lamp is one such gadget that has ambiance-creating lights, alarm clock, music player and Wi-Fi.  It has got over 28 thousand good reviews on the internet which is 142% of the expected results.

About the Product:

Roome 3D Gesture Control Smart Night Lamp is a smart night lamp with ambiance creating lights, alarm clock, music player and Wi-Fi. It can be controlled remotely and also has a few other wonderful features and weighs only 1500g

Basic Information

This is how the Roome 3D Gesture Control Smart Night Lamp looks

How to Open the Package:

Break open the external package and be careful while taking out the various parts of the product which can then be assembled together to get the lamp ready to be used.

Accessories You Get with the Lamp:

The accessories necessary to use the Roome 3D Gesture Control Smart Night Lamp are packed in the same box. You will find a charger, a cord and a manual inside the package.

Details of the Lamp:

On the top of the lamp is the electronic display or the color screen and the electronic touch screen. Tap lightly on the touch screen to switch it on and see the menu. The logo of Roome is printed at the bottom of the lamp and there are two USB ports that can be used to attach external devices like pen drives or data cables.

There are sensors at the top and the bottom of your Roome 3D Gesture Control Smart Night Lamp that are used to increase or decrease the brightness of the lamp when you wave your hand in front of them. The base of the lamp is one of the most important parts of the gadget.

There are a very good quality inbuilt speakers at the bottom and also on the sides so as to avoid the problems arising from there being only one speaker. Three-point rubber effectively prevents displacement of the parts of the lamp.

How to Use the Roome 3D Gesture Control Smart Night Lamp:

It is a wonderful experience to use the lamp since you can operate it through the touch screen or the remote control device and also increase or decrease the brightness of the light by waving your hand in front of the sensors.

When you move your hands up, the brightness increases and when you move it down, it decreases. It is much much better than the traditional lamps and has a lot of other functions that will make you abandon a lot of other gadgets that you no more need to use.

Scan the two dimensional code to download the mobile app so that you can control your Roome 3D Gesture Control Smart Night Lamp remotely through your mobile using the app. The app uses Bluetooth to connect to the lamp. You can either operate it the traditional way through the touch screen menu or use the mobile app to operate it remotely to make changes in brightness or colors of the light, set alarms or listen to music.

Use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and Listen to Music

The mobile app can be used to play songs, videos or other audio content through the Roome 3D Gesture Control Smart Night Lamp. You can either play your favorite programs directly from the internet using the wi-fi facility or also connect your mobile phone to the lamp through Bluetooth and play music.

The various methods of playing music are nicely integrated with each other. You can play internet radio through wi-fi or connect your mobile phone through Bluetooth and play the music stored in your mobile phone. Always upgrade the software whenever required using the wi-fi connection and keep it updated to fully enjoy all the features.

The interface of the music playing system in the mobile app is very simple. You can click on a song to play it, raise or lower the volume and change song pictures. Connect the device to iOS music player and enjoy your music.

However, the radio programs have very limited options.  Other than that, there are a plenty of things you can do with your lamp like changing the colors of the light, alarm settings, system settings, ambience settings and music player settings.

What do the Users Say?

It’s a revolutionary idea to integrate all these features into one night lamp so that you don’t have to use several gadgets to perform different tasks like listening to music, setting alarm clock and using colorful night lamps to create an ambiance of your choice. Around 70% of the total users are satisfied with the features included in this smart night lamp.

You have to use two mobile apps that are interlinked to each other and the functions are very comprehensive and the design is quite attractive. The only drawback, according to some users, is that the sensitivity of the touch screen is very low. The screen sometimes takes a lot of time or doesn’t recognize the action at all!

The biggest improvement suggested by several users is maximizing the independent use of Bluetooth to play the music stored in your mobile phone so that you can use the music playing feature even when you are not connected to the internet. Make sure the wi-fi connection is based on a fixed router and is operated through a protected password.

Who Can Use It

Everyone from students, white-collar professionals to romantic couples can use this wonderful night lamp. Students can use it to read at night or to illuminate the whole room/bedroom with bright colorful lights.  Professionals can use it to bring some cheerful element into their evening when they are too tired by the day’s hard work.

Workers can switch on the night lamp and listen to soft music to give some relief to their tired mind and body. Lovers can use it to create romantic ambiance in the room using the colorful lights and cheerful music.

Pros and Cons

Finally, to list the pros and cons of the lamp, the design is elegant, it can be remotely controlled and is very cost-effective. The colors are very rich and the brightness can be adjusted. The lamp can simultaneously control multiple lights and play wonderful music at the same time.

There’s a scope for improvement when it comes to the integrated mobile apps, iOS music player, sensitivity of the touch screen and dependency on power connectivity. Hopefully, the sensitivity of the screen will be improved in the next version along with enhanced battery life and simplified software. Also, it would be great if the lamp is compatible with all types of wi-fi signals.

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