Latest Easyacc 30W 2-Port Wall Charger Now Working With the LG G5 and the Nexus 6P

Google’s latest devices, the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P are now supporting the EasyAcc 30W 2-Port Wall Charger though Samsung’s latest S7 only supports the microUSBhaving a Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0.

Yes, it is really confusing. It annoys to learn that no one agrees on what is the right charging standard to use. In the end, the people who suffer are the customers like you and me. To make matters worse, there are still some few complications with the EasyAcc 30W 2-Port Wall Chargers and cables. Using incompatible chargers and cables can fry your expensive devices.

You need to leave it to EasyAcc, a renowned Qualcomm certified manufacturer of wall chargers to save you the day with its latest EasyAcc 30W 2-Port Wall Charger to help in simplifying the matter. I decided to take some time to review the EasyAcc 30W 2-Port Wall Charger and realized it is the last charger I need to use until these ‘other manufacturers’ sort out the right standard they are going to use.


EasyAcc is one of the new third party manufacturers of chargers I can trust with my devices. They have previously made high quality products. This latest EasyAcc 30W 2-Port Wall Charger just but follows its heritage line and is a well built and long lasting device.

The EasyAcc 30W 2-Port Wall Charger is able to adapt to the world’s fastest Qualcomm charging technology. Its quick charge port offers four times faster charge than the previous conventional charger.

Apart from the Quick-Charge models, the EasyAcc 30W 2-Port Wall Charger adopts the cutting edge Smart Charge technology which is able to offer much faster charge to nearly all the USB devices just as the original chargers do.




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