Big changefrom Huawei P10-frontfingerprint scanner

Fingerprint scanner has become one of the newest features in the cellphone models. Currently, many mobile phone manufacturers are experimenting with fingerprint identifications on cellphone designs. Some manufacturers are sticking to front-end fingerprint recognition, while others are trying rear-mounted fingerprint designs. With Huawei P10  going to be launched soon, the buzz is back on the fingerprint design.

However, users and design evaluators are highly divided about the new designs. Some feel that having front-end fingerprint scanner is the right choice as far fingerprint identification is concerned .They claim that rear fingerprint identification does not bring in the right user-experience for all people. There is another section of users who feel that rear fingerprint scanner is perhaps the better choice as it is more convenient for users. They feel it brings in a better user experience. There is no clear agreement between designers or users for with regards to the location of the fingerprint scanner.

The Chinese multinational telecom and consumer giant, Huawei has mostly had a rear-mounted fingerprint in most of its models. But things could potentially change perhaps from next year. Insiders @Mocha Social workers claims that Huawei is looking to bring in the front fingerprint design. Huawei has long been known for experimenting innovative designs and features . Although Huawei has been able to pull the volumes with help of Honor brand, P-series continues to be its premium flagship line as far as smartphones are concerned.And if that is the case,  Huawei P10 could potentially be Huawei’s first mobile with front fingerprint design.
The question now would be about the shape and size of the fingerprint identification key that Huawei is planning to bring about. There are many reports stating it could be embedded in home button of the cellphone.Could we see a big difference in Huawei P10, the successor to P9.

Huawei P10

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