iPhone 6SE Clone Spotted

The iPhone 6SE is not even ready to be released to the masses yet – let alone being an official device, and it looks like somewhere in China, there is a clone of the yet unreleased handset. How iPhone-ception is that? While there has been photos of the purported iPhone 6SE box, which some might even argue that the iPhone 6SE and iPhone 7 are but the same handset, here is an angled, front facing image of the iPhone 6SE clone.

iPhone 6SE clone makes sure microUSB is still in business…

While we have absolutely no idea whatsoever on the kind of hardware in which the iPhone 6SE clone smartphone will pack, the dummy unit does reveal the presence of a fingerprint sensor in Apple’s rounded tradition, and the all black shade with a white/silver bezel makes it look as though it is thicker at all of the sides than it should. This might mean it is encased, which should bring about a sigh of relief if that were to be true. The thing is, who would encase a dummy handset in the first place?

Still, the presence of the microUSB port means that you need not have to fret about getting a new kind of adapter or charging cable, since it remains pretty much on par with the course where ordinary smartphones are concerned. Do expect this iPhone 6SE clone to come with dual SIM slots and a decent camera without breaking the bank.

The thing is, clones will never set the path forward when it comes to smartphone innovation — or in any other industry, for that matter. After all, clones follow while new products lead the market. It would certainly be interesting when the day arrives where a clone actually outstrips the actual product by far and large. We would definitely salute the party that manages to achieve such a feat.



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