Meizu ep-31 review a headset that makes you blissful

              Meizu EP-31 review a headset that makes you blissful

The Meizu EP-31 is, at any rate, respects the value, entry-level earphones. This reveals in this price range rarely about the actual performance. We have taken the EP-31 under a deep research. What we saw is to be perused in the following.

Included with the Meizu EP-31

Meizu EP-31

The Meizu EP-31 accompany 2x little hoops and 2x substantial Studs.

Design and processing

The Meizu EP-31 are described by a to a great degree exquisite outline. Plug, link splitters and in-ears are made of silver metal, the link is white. Everything is entirely steady, yet the Meizu earphones are by no specific measure (elastic aide at the creases, fabric coat, and so forth.) protected against breakage.

                  EP-31 (1)                                                EP-31 (2)

Meizu EP-31 Meizu EP-31-3-300x200

The link is 1.2 m long. The, as regular checked right and left in-ears sit serenely and exceptionally safe in the ear. The jack connects additionally sits immovably to the cell phone. The link splitter is more remote than Steuerlement. This has three buttons and a mouthpiece. The buttons are utilized for volume control and a begin/stop button. Who puts much esteem on a stylish Headphones, could be fulfilled by the Meizu EP-32 well. Design remains a matter of taste, the utilization of metal gives an impression of high caliber.

Sound and call quality

The sound of the Meizu EP-31 is extraordinary for a 20 euros. He is differentiated exceptional in this price range for Headphones and sets it apart from comparable models significantly from whose sound is nice but a little flat often. The Meizu EP-31, on the other hand, make the music vivid and alive.

Unfortunately, the EP-31 weaken somewhat in the bass. The depth appears flat, it lacks the necessary wealth. The Meizu EP-31 are therefore not well suited for the handset, which arrives there mainly to the oomph, but rather for those who like to listen to details that but for just pocket change. The sound insulation is quite satisfactory. Call quality is quite good, but unfortunately, votes are transmitted very softly. Noises are not transferred in disturbing dimensions.


The EP-31 do not have to hide behind more expensive models. The sound is good, the quality as well, and in the area of price / performance, they are a real hit. Of course, they are in no performance-related category at the top, but in its price class they are playing up with.

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