Huami Smartwatch To Release On 30th Aug At Premium Price

Earlier it was Xiaomi  that was rumored to have set to release its latest Mi Watch this month, August 2016, according to web sources. After its successful Mi Smartbands turned out well in the market, it seemed apparent that Xiaomi is set to expand its reach. Now Xiaomi claimed that it is Huami Smartwatch that will be released on 30th August.

huami watch on wrist
Huami Smartwatch to be Released on 30th August

There are hints that it is rather Huami Smartwatch that is to be launched, this month, on 30 Aug 2016. Official also indicated that the smartwatch will be stuffed with a lot of features. That should be a clue good enough for us that Huami Smartwatch will not come at a cheap price. With plenty of features, as expected, this Watch will certainly be placed at a premium price. China Science and Technology founder and CEO meter Huang Wang in its micro-blogging site  said, “I just feel that a function can also be optimized, equipment wear out the brush around the idea of ?? Early autumn of Beijing verification night was cool, running. Good season coming.”mi watch-huang wang micro blogged

huami smartwatch2

On the other hand, the pictures released by a micro-blogging, the back of the watch shows very clear words – Designed by Huami, California.

Official also expressed that the Huami Smartwatch will be a sporty product and it is estimated that the price will be a little steep (How about a thousand Yuan?).

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