Xiaomi Mi Note 2’s curved front panel leaked!

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A picture has been leaked of what a Xiaomi device’s front panel. This front panel seems to have very small side bezels, which means that this Xiaomi device might actually be very close to bezelless! This could be any number of Xiaomi devices; however the most likely candidates are the Xiaomi Mi5s or the Xiaomi Mi Note 2. Based on the size of the home button cutout compared to the height and width of the entire front panel, this panel definitely looks big. It would be much more likely that it is the front panel for the Mi Note 2. There is the standard Mi logo on the top left and the speaker grille and front facing camera cutout up top as well. The edges are definitely curved in the style of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and we will have to see how well MIUI makes use of that curved edge. If this is indeed the front panel for the Xiaomi Mi Note 2, it will be a direct competitor to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which was just released this past week. Considering the rumoured price of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 at $375USD, it could be a Samsung killer assuming the phone doesn’t have any issues. But then again, this photo of the front panel is all we have. Stay tuned for more information!

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