MEIZU Smartwatch Leaked With Back Panel


There have been many rumours of MEIZU launching the first MEIZU Smartwatch in August and web was flooded with lots of pictures and smartwatch box posts.

But at first we just got our hands on picture of leaked MEIZU Smartwatch from unknown source.

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From the picture it can be made out that MEIZU have built sturdy steel body with brand logo in back and adorns a stylish leather strap to give their customers classic and rich feel.  Apart from rumours of having 3 buttons MEIZU smartwatch got 2 buttons on right side of dial.

MEIZU smartwatch would be resistant to dust and water. From the picture we don’t see any sensor housed backside of watch. Still MEIZU have not confirmed any specification and operating system of smartwatch yet but as per the sources it will be having Intel’s Rockchip RK6321 which includes dual-core Cortex A5 processor.

It has been predicted that the company might follow the trend of cheaper prices to gain a strong customer base.

As far as if we discuss about the pricing and models of Smartwatch to be launched by MEIZU, there is no such information has been out regarding the Meizu Smartwatch Price and Models. This will be out after its launching. It is assumed that the Smartwatch of Meizu will launch it on 10th August as an invitation to the press conference has been already sent. Now, let’s see what other information can get. Stay tuned!

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