ILIFE V1, the robot vacuum cleaner with anti-shock system

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Technology helps us daily on many occasions. We have smart TV to see the content that interests us, smoke detectors, alarms, smart washing machines … and vacuums Robotic Vacuum Cleaner that work alone and we avoid having to pass the broom.

These robots vacuums have improved greatly in recent years and we have with us some options for a very competitive price enable us to clean house automatically. Today we will speak of the model ILIFE V1 , a vacuum cleaner robot that has the OBS All Terrain Detection system , which allows us to establish a perimeter and avoid unnecessary collisions.

ILIFE V1, the robot vacuum cleaner sensing field

The ILIFE V1 can move around your home and avoid places with obstacles . The automatic mode has various cleaning modes and filters to do it efficiently. It has a slender body designed to be able to inserted under the sofas, beds and shelves. It weighs 2kg.

2000mAh battery can be charged completely within 300 minutes for a load range of approximately one hour , sufficient to travel the floor and make the sweep time.

Typically, we turn the robot when we are away from home, but still has a noise less than 70dB. is heard, but not annoying.

ilife robot

The ILIFE V1  we can find the best price on Gearbest, from August 9 until August 22 can be found in reserve by $122 in white.

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