Wingsland S6 Drone: Born To Compete Zerotech Dobby

It was just a while ago that we, the drone lovers, were awestruck with the ZeroTech Dobby. We would have saved some thrills (only if it were limited), but it has no limit. Let me tell you straight and simple – Shenzen based Wingsland which revealed the Wingsland S6, the selfie drone, last month in its official Facebook account is expected for global sale anytime now as quick as this month.wingsland s6-first

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Wingsland S6 Design

The design appears to be very futuristic that the hand drawn image will leave no chance than admire it and love it at the very first sight. Tell me if I am wrong! See it for yourself.wingsland s6-drawing-features

 Foldable rotor features and much of the size of a smartphone when folded which is a great form-factor.


Form factor – the pocket portability is its distinct feature. It can record 4K videos with the S6 camera which features Electronic Image Stabilizer (EIS). And it can record the videos at 30 frames per second (fps) which means that the videos will be fairly smooth. It will also be augmented with 360 degrees see and avoid feature.wingsland-s6-sizeswingsland-s6-sense-and-avoid

That is not all, Wingsland S6 selfie drone also has removable modules which means that it can easily be dismantled and carry with ease. The exact extent and other technical features will be made public very soon anytime.wingsland-s6-two



It is not exactly known when in this month the product will be launched for sale. But it is very likely to be launched soon before rival pocket portable drone engulf the market. Wingsland S6 cannot afford to wait for long, or it will be too late to make up the pace with the fore-runner.

The price, in a genuine point of view, should come to less than $400. With Zerotech Dobby pocket drone available for about $380 to about $400. And it is expected that it will be very competitive in terms of price, as a later entry although with much refined and superior design and features. How about $250? It will then be a blast in the drone market and quite a turbulence. Let us see what becomes of the new entrant.

Established in 2014, Wingsland has been working in the drone category. Keep updated with us. Before you go, you may like to have a look at the Wingsland S6 video for yourself for a better opinion of the futuristic drone that is to come. Watch this!


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