Xiaomi Mi5s is Worth Waiting, Coming with Pressure Sensitive Display

Earlier this year Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi released its flagship model Mi5. Xiaomi Mi5 came with very high-end specifications and was unveiled at MWC for the first time. It is one of the most cost effective and powerful smartphone until now. According to rumors Xiaomi is ready to launch its flagship model Mi5s along with the Mi note 2. There is no doubt that Xiaomi Mi5s will give tough fight to the domestic manufacturer in Mainland of china and upcoming iphone 7.

Xiaomi will be the first to use Snapdragon 821 processor . Xiaomi are planning to use this latest Snapdragon 821 processor in their upcoming Mi note 2 and Mi5s smartphones.

Here are some features that you should wait for the Xiaomi Mi5s

1. Pressure sensor 



Xiaomi Mi5s will come with pressure sensitive panel. This feature is meant to counter Apple(Iphone 6s and 6splus) and Meizu(Meizu pro 6). This feature was rumoured before the company announced Mi5, but this feature was missing in the device.

2. Ultrasonic finger recognition


This Ultrasonic finger recognition is meant to be more secure, blazing fast and more accurate compared to the standard fingerprint sensor. This will allow the device to have a much more complex and true-to-life image of your fingerprint, This will eliminate the possibility of others prying on your device in order to open it. This feature will be powered by Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint recognition technology.

3. Dual Cameras


Mi5s will come with dual camera set up for better performance of the camera and will give the ability to lesson noice, better quality, depth measurement and it will also allow optical zooming without the moving parts.

4Curved Screen


Mi5 was not equipped with curved display. As of now this is the feature you see in flagship model’s like Samsung galaxy Edge series. Also there are reports that Xiaomi will be buying curved edged displays from Samsung. Mi5s will come with curved screen.






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