Sunvell T95X – A Palm sized TV Box with Android 6.0 & Kodi 16.1

Nowadays, the Chinese market is topped up with some compelling TV Boxes, and Sunvell T95X is one of them. You would think that what’s so special about this TV Box that it has been selected as Xiaomi Today’s protagonist? Well, almost every TV Box features an Android OS but none of these functions a blend of the latest Android 6.0 and Kodi 16.1 under the same hood. But wait! Sunvell T95X doesn’t stop here; it continues to dazzle the users with a price tag which is considered to be one of the most affordable in the Chinese Television Box’s history.

Sunvell T95X featured

Without further wasting our readers precious time, let’s move to the specs:

Sunvell T95X TV Box – The Details

Design & Appearance

It’s sometimes funny to hear Sunvell ‘T95X,’ as the name sounds more like a tank or a nuclear weapon rather than a simple, safe Android Box. However, coming to the point, T95X has a compact rectangular chassis casting from plastic to bless it with the characteristics of ultra-portability (9.30 x 9.30 cm, rarely the size of palm) and ultra-lightness of just 20 grams. It has a thickness of only 17 mm which is the slimmest as compared to the TV Boxes under that price tag.


The most noticeable aspect is that curve on the front exaggerates the beauty of Sunvell T95X. Moreover, if we focus a little bit more, we discern the contrast of two colors, the top hood is slightly grayish while the beneath area is black.

Hardware & Performance

Now heading to the hardware, under the compact skeleton a powerful 64-bit Amlogic S905 processor (Quad Core, 1.5 GHz) act as the heart of T95X and Mali-450 as a five core GPU. It also has a built-in stereo DAC, integrated Ethernet PHY, 4K VP9, and HDR10 & HLG support.

Sunvell T95X Hardware

After that comes a diversity, where Sunvell divides into two variants: The Standard Edition (1 GB RAM) and High Edition (2 GB RAM, Bluetooth 4.0). Apart from this difference, both terminals feature eight gigs of storage. Yeah, right! 8 GB space is not enough for us to run 4K content, play huge games and download some movies. However, the good thing is that the memory is expandable with a TF card plus we can add a USB drive or external HDD. We prefer the higher version with 2 GB of memory which is a must for a TV Box to run the system flawlessly.

Operating System

The operating system of Sunvell T95X is the selling point, apart from the design. It runs on a unique amalgam of the latest Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and Kodi 16.1 as the UI. Android 6.0 provides the most recent apps to install while Kodi 16.1 acts as the Media Center for all the audios and videos to play even the 4K ones.

Sunvell T95X OS

Apart from this, Sunvell T95X already integrates pre-installed apps to search movies, games and browse the internetmake it like “Apart from this, Sunvell T95X already integrates pre-installed apps (apps prison) to search movies, games and browse the internet. The best aspect about T95X is that it supports 4K2K and H.265 Video decoding and a 4K2K Output too. In short, The interface is user-friendly, and an IR remote is also present inside the box to enjoy T95X while sitting on your cozy sofa.


The connectivity seems to divide into two categories: Wired and Wireless. In wireless, the most prominent feature is the availability of 3G network here. Seriously tell us, how often we get to see a 3G TV Box? Excluding this option, we settle with WiFi and Bluetooth v4.0 (in higher version).

Sunvell T95X Connectivity

Meanwhile, wired connectivity includes ports and believe us Sunvell T95X has lots of ports to offer. Mention the front first; we have an AV port, an HDMI port, LAN port and the power slot. On the left side is the USB 2.0 port and TF card slot included.


While summing up, we must say that Sunvell T95X is one of the thinnest and smallest TV Box. The size is even smaller than your palm. It can also play any media on the latest Android and Kodi. Sunvell T95X TV Box remains as one of the top and cheapest TV Box in the entire Chinese market.

Price & Availability

You can buy Sunvell T95X from Gearbest in black color. The price of the two variants are:

  • 1 GB version for $25
  • 2 GB and Bluetooth 4.0 version for $36

Here are the links to the store:

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