SeeBest D730 the new formidable robot cleaner

Some information about the product

The D730, launched last September, in Germany, at the IFA 2015 trade fair, is just another robot vacuum of the Chinese producer SeeBest, who developed high quality electronic products in the last couple of years.


This robovac is designed to work on hard floors as hardwood, marble or tiles.

Look and specifications


Aesthetic side

  • Height: this robovac has a reduced height of only 3,4? which allows it to duck under most pieces of furniture
  • Diameter: its diameter is 12.2?, that means that it’s smaller than other units (like Jisiwei)
  • Weight: It weights just 5.7 lbs

Things to know before buying it

You can buy all SeeBest’s products on


  • Powerful suction it’s up to 1000PA (rather than other models that reach only 600pa), that’s a great suction power maybe one of the highest in the market, coupled with a 4″ suction inlet that is not so large but the motor of 18W can suck pet hair, big particles and dust
  • It’s powered by 2200 mAh battery but it can still resist up to 90-120 minutes
  • SeeBest can hold 17 oz of dust and debris and its tank is easier to remove
  • The unit can be set in three different cleaning modes: Auto Clean (it moves randomly), Sport Clean (cleans around a specific spot) or Edge Clean (cleans room edges), Left/Right Spiral Mode, Winding Mode and “Z” Mode.
  • It has 4 sensors so that it won’t fall down the stairs, and 12 sensors to make it avoid possible obstacles or at least to slow down
  • The robot produces a medium sound
  • You can control it manually with remote control
  • The filtration system is made by two components: a framed layer and a cotton filler. Filtration grade is HEPA (it traps small particles), that’s a fine touch
  • 1 year warranty all parts including battery
  • The LCD remote control is easy to use


  • Small 4″ suction inlet
  • 2200 mAh battery
  • It doesn’t build a map of the environment
  • It relies on infrared light for recharging so sometimes it won’t get the connection with the dock and it won’t recharge.
  • It’s difficult to empty the bin


  • 1 additional filter
  • the mop tray and 2 cloth pads
  • a remote control (without AA batteries)
  • 2 additional side brushes
  • a charging base and an adapter

Interesting features

  • Alarm system which signals if the robot is stuck somewhere
  • The virtual wall which has to be purchased separately and costs $30
  • Super absorbent MOMO 2.0 clean cloth which improves the wet mopping functionality
  • The 2-in-1 product (mops and vacuums toghether)

Other models

There are so many types of robots cleaners produced by SeeBest like:

 If you need you can have these products information on SeeBest .

How to use your D730

There are 3 modes for preset time and one key to set cleaning time. Flip the switch beneath, and then press the front case button. For accessing at all functionalities, you’ll need to put batteries in the remote control.

And now that you know everything about this amazing robovac, go get yours and take a drink while it does the job you should have done!

















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