Cool1 Leaked : First LeEco-Coolpad Smartphone

Cool1 is the name! Yes, that is the smartphone co-branded by LeEco and Coolpad, murmured to be released anytime soon. “Hey, I’ m Cool1”, says the Weibo leak. Here is the leak collections of LeEco-Coolpad collaboration smartphone that is also listed as C106 at TENAA.

Cool1 – Hey, I’ m Cool1

Cool1 – Features

Let us see at the specifications that it will come with.

Display  5.5 Inch With 2K QHD Display
Processor  Snapdragon 820 (Qualcomm)
Battery  3500mAh
Camera  Dual Rear Camera (Evident)
Fingerprint Sensor  Yes
OS Android Marshmallow 6.0
UI (On Booting)  LeEco & Coolpad (Rumored)
Expandable Memory  Yes (Hopefully)
Body  Metal – Unibody (Evident)
Fingerprint Sensor  Yes
Fingerprint Sensor  Yes
leeco coolpad phone dual cameras
Cool1 Smartphone- Back View (Leaked)

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 is the processor specification that you find in many of the high-end smartphones. So, we are truely expecting the LeEco-Coolpad’s collaboration be a powerful device. 5.5 inch with 2K QHD display is quite attractive and stands at par to other high-end smartphones. The dual camera feature is evident from the leaked picture depicting the two O’s in “COOL1” to be two cameras. Metal body, most probably uni-body is also evident from the leaked image.

It is no surprise that the device will run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. But above all, it is rumored that the device will have dual booting options where user can choose from two UI’s – LeEco (EUI) or Coolpad (CoolUI). Does not that sound strange? Hope that the two cameras are not one each for two of the co-brands!

It is also evident that the device will be of a slim design. This slim design seems to be another feature to add to its competitiveness with rival smartphone models.

With many smartphones having similar specifications, it will be hard for Cool1 to make a mark in the smartphones arena without superior details, features, services and pricing.

When Is The Launch?

August 10 is the date that is in the air, for Cool1 release.


It is expected that the product will be priced competitively. Simple reason is that there are quite a number of smartphones with the expected Cool1 specifications. Moreover, they of well-established manufacturer brands like Xiaomi Redmi Pro and Huawei P9. Without a competitive pricing strategy, there will be no boom with Cool1.


LeEco has been looking for greener fields, including the US market. For that matter, it has a stake of 11 percent in Coolpad, a Chinese phone manufacturer, which enables it to be in a controlling position. And recently, it again bought  a major US Television manufacturer – Vizio. The two companies – LeEco and Coolpad, have been planning to release co-branded smartphone shortly, as it was known just recently. And it is very likely that the two companies are going along very well as suggested by the outcome that is to be – Cool1. Let us see how much the expectations hold water.

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