Xiaomi Smartwatch and Mi Note 2 to be made Official in August

If the technological director of Xiaomi, Wang Hwang is to be believed, the Xiaomi smartwatch will be made official in August. Unlike other smartwatches currently in the market, the Xiaomi smartwatch will instead focus on a unique function and will also be priced competitively. Mr. Wang also believes that Xiaomi will be the company which will become the trendsetter in making smartwatches in China and all over the world.

xiaomi smartwatch

About the Xiaomi smartwatch, the co-founder of Xiaomi, Mr. Hwang, said that the smartwatch will be available with a big as well as a small watch display. He also mentioned that the watch with the bigger display will launch first, followed by the smaller one. According to him, the watch will either be a “Mi” branded one or use the name of one of its smaller sub-brands, with “Huami” brand being the frontrunner. He aims to make the smartwatch as a tool to solve human problems, unlike the smartwatches sold today, about which he discussed in length on his microblogging handle in March.

According to Mr. Hwang, he believes that the previous 2 generations of the Mi band over 2 years has given them a lot of experience of many factors which are very important in a wearable device, particularly emphasizing on battery life. He also talked about the Mi Band 2, calling it a big success and saying that they are ramping up the production of the same. According to him, the addition of the heart rate sensor has increased customer interest about the device too. Mr. Hwang also said that a new range of Amazefit fitness bands will be released by Huami in the coming 3-6 months.

Seeing as how Xiaomi has revolutionized the phone market with their powerful flagships at an affordable price, it would not be wrong to assume that they will replicate the same strategy with their Xiaomi smartwatches too. One can expect tight integration of the smartwatch with other Xiaomi products. The smartwatch will also probably run Android Wear OS, though we never know, Xiaomi may customize MIUI for their watches too! I am personally very excited to see what Xiaomi will bring to the table with the Xiaomi smartwatch, and would like to know your thoughts on the matter. Comment below on what do you think.

As per the same source, we also understand that along with a smartwatch, Xiaomi could also be launching the Mi Note 2 as we had reported earlier.


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