Q2 Mobile Phones Sales – Huawei Tops and Xiaomi Pushed Down to Number 4

The domestic Q2 sales number of smartphone manufacturers are out and you will be surprised to know that Huawei has topped smartphone sales with about 32.1 million handsets sold in the quarter alone followed by Oppo and Vivo. What’s more surprising is that, Xiaomi which was considered among the masses as the top selling brand in Chinese market has been pushed down to Number 4 with about 15.22 Million sales only.


Listed below are the top selling brands in China with their respective sales number during Q2 – 2016

  1. Huawei – 32.16 Million
  2. Oppo – 21.9 Million
  3. Vivo – 16.41 Million
  4. Xiaomi – 15.22 Million
  5. ZTE – 13.7 Million
  6. Lenovo – 11.12 Million
  7. TCL – 7.4 Million
  8. Music – 5.83 Million

The slowing numbers of Xiaomi could be attributed to the lack of product innovation and disappointing after sales service from the brand. Moving forward, it would be interesting to see if any new players could enter this brutal market and whether all the current top manufacturers survive in the competition.


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