Meizu MX6 and OnePlus 3 against Xiaomi Redmi Pro and Oppo Find 9


Welcome to the world of technology. Today here we are going to discuss about four most powerful phones that demonstrate the momentum of the Chinese industry. The new Meizu MX6, is going to launch in the late of 2016. Well, a few more innovations in the pipeline are OnePlus 3 and Xiaomi redmi Pro arriving on July 27th, while Oppo Find 9 the most powerful among all, having up to 8GB of RAM is going to rock the industry within a short span of time.

The Chinese manufacturers offer a high-end market for the tech-savvy of the recent age. Let’s see what they offer us.


The two outstanding displays are trending in the market these days. One is the new OnePlus 3 with 5.5-inch diagonal AMOLED full HD resolution and the other is future Oppo Find 9, 5.5-inch with a resolution QHD technology.

Front of OnePlus 3

You can notice Meizu MX6 presented today has a Full HD panel 5.5 inches, while the Xiaomi redmi Pro is expected to mount a similar display, 5.5-inch full HD resolution.


Here you can find there are great differences among the four alternative choices. The options move somewhere between the price ranges of 200 to 600 euros. Oppo Find 9 comes with one processor with 821 Snpadragon no less than 8GB of RAM. It will provide you a better and easy configuration.

AnTuTu Snapdragon 820 resultados

OnePlus 3 it offers an perfect blend of  Snapdragon 820 processor and 6GB of RAM, though application is not the best. Meanwhile the Meizu MX6 has been released with MediaTek Helio X25, which is a step below the other Snapdragon, accompanied by 4GB of RAM. Finally, the Xiaomi redmi Pro could also rely on the same MediaTek processor and the same 4GB of RAM, thus you can make a wise choice between these two devices.

Multimedia and Autonomy

Here the OnePlus 3 offers a 16-megapixel rear camera and a front sensor of 8 megapixels, while its battery is 3000mAh. On the other hand the Oppo Find 9 is coming with a rear dual camera and would have a large battery of 4100mAh.

Meizu MX6 gray back

The Meizu MX6 is loaded with a 12 megapixel camera with a larger pixels and a front 5 megapixel sensor, while the battery is 3060mAh. On the contrary, Xiaomi redmi Pro offer a 13 megapixel camera and a front 5 megapixel, while its battery is as large as the Oppo, of 4100mAh.

design of oppo find 9


The most important big differences lie with the price aspect. The OnePlus 3 is provided with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage for 399 euros, while Oppo would be around 500 euros or 600.

Chinese mobile xiaomi redmi 3

But if you analyze a bit more you will find both Meizu MX6 and Xiaomi redmi Pro are of very similar characteristics in a much lower price range. The Meizu MX6 was presented today at a price of 270 euros while for Xiaomi redmi Pro, you have to pay between 150 and 200 euros.

So read the article carefully for a detail study of the four Chinese alternatives. Understand the value for money. Identify your need and get your hand on the best pick. 

With all this information, and taking into account the great differences between these phones, you wonder Which of these four Chinese titans has better value for money?


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