Private Location App “Wave” crowdfunding initiative are open to the world!

wave-homepageOne of the most popular personal location sharing apps on iOS and Android, Wave, has decided to launch a Wave” crowdfunding initiative. They have done so to help its users gain equity of the company by investing in it. On our question to them on their unique crowdfunding campaign, a spokesperson from the company said that they want their valued users, who spend their time in their app, get rewarded for their efforts by getting to invest in the company whose products they use so that the “power is in the people’s hands”. They are closing in on a deal with a big name VC for Series A funding and they want to provide a way so that their users, who took their platform to a high position, would get their rewards for their efforts. They also say that contact location is the next “big” thing in the fast paced social market, and it is presumed that location apps will generate more than billion of revenue in the next 2 years itself, with the growth accelerated by proliferation of smartphones with inbuilt location sensors. They have partnered with the renowned and leading crowdsourcing company, Crowdcube, for their crowdsourcing efforts and for ensuring peace of mind to their patrons and backers.

Wave is a special location sharing app, which helps a person to share his or her location with their near and dear ones. It also allows location sharing to 10 people in a group simultaneously, as well as provides stringent privacy options to protect its users from stalkers and hackers. They use the best-in-class Google Maps API to provide for accurate location and easy sharing to the ones they want to. It has over 4 million users with hundreds of thousands of people joining and signing up on the app every single day.

The crowdfunding will start in the next 3 days and they are looking forward to the users’ participation. They are already accepting preregistations at their website. You can also download their iOS and Android apps and check them out by going to

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