How to fix xiaomi Mi5 WI-FI and Bluetooth connect Problem

Some users might be facing the issues with xiaomi Mi5 WI-FI and Bluetooth connections on the device. It seems like they couldn’t connect to the specified network or device using the connections.




When you want to resolve this xiaomi Mi5 WI-FI issue, you have to try restarting the router and re-connect from the device, with this it should resolve the issue of Wi-Fi connection.

When trying to resolve the Bluetooth issue. You have to disable all the available connected devices that was connected initially and start connecting the devices again. When you are done trying all these solution, then reboot the Xiaomi Mi 5 device and with these, it can resolve the xiaomi Mi5 WI-FI and Bluetooth connections for sure that you are experiencing.

First and foremost, you should have a phone running on Android version 4.3 or higher. And also bluetooth  v4.0 (well, thats what i read from other forums. haven’t really tried pairing with a v3.0 bluetooth enabled phone).



1.) So here is what you do. You find the MAC address of your Mi band’s bluetooth.

For this, you have to download an app called “Bluetooth 4.0 Scanner”. After installing the app, switch on your phone’s bluetooth, make sure your MI band has sufficient charge, keep it close to the phone and select “Start Scan“. (Make sure you turn ON your GPS. The  app will anyways prompt you to enable the GPS. GOD KNOWS WHY!! ).
Once the scanning is complete, you can go to Database Tab and select “Download data” and it gives you an option to share/store the data in your phone. Do it!! If you open the data, you can find an entry under MAC ADDRESS. Something like, “88:0f:12:0F:1D:CC:BA”. Make a note of it.

2.) Now, you download and install an app called “Mi Band Notify” by mcgroup.

After you download and install, open the app. It will try connecting with your MI band and ultimately you will get an error stating connection has failed (If it connects, well and good, you are good to go). Now, there will be an option to connect to a bluetooth device with a specific MAC Address. An option something like-  set bluetooth MAC address manually. (Sorry i don’t remember the exact info. It will prompt you something like- manual set. Don’t worry, it won’t be problem). Now enter the MAC address which you had previously noted down from the “Bluetooth 4.0 scanner” app. And now you should be paired with the MI band without a fuss. But wait, you are only paired with this app, and not yet with the actual MI fit app. So here is what you do next.

Now the Mi Band Notify app will prompt you to fill up your profile details such as height, weight, sex etc. After that there’s an option to fill Xiaomi user id, and you will have an option to fetch the details directly from Mi Fit app. ( Since i have already paired it’s not seen in the screenshot.) Select the “Fetch from the MI Fit” option and Voila MI band will be paired with MI Fit app!

Mi band’s LED will start flickering once it is paired, and you will have to tap a few times on the LED to finalize the pairing. Now the firmware upgrade takes place and Finallyyyyyy you are paired with MI Band.
P.S. Don’t unpair the MI band unless it is absolute necessary. There have been cases where after unpairing, we weren’t able to pair again following the same procedure.

This worked for me as well as two of my other friends. Comment below in case of any concerns. Alaways happy to help. And yea thank me later


  1. The WiFi problem of that particular phone – Xiaomi MI 5 – cannot be solved by the Router’s Reset, because that phone’s hardware is wrong (might be the Antenna, or screening problem). My advice is, that if a good wifi connectivity is important for you, don’t buy that model, or derivative models of the same. Sorry!

  2. I have mi 5 mobile…i m facing Bluetooth connectivty…initially it was connecting but…once done updat of software it is not connecting to device LAS355B Lg 2.1 sound bar…but thing is that but Bluetooth is conecting to alla device rest of my LG speaker

  3. FIXED : One thing that cuz this is that you after update or reset factory select the rong region and language in the startup the phone settings
    its change your time zone and that cuz you cant to connect to wifi

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