Reasons why Xiaomi Notebook must be released at 27th July!

There are more and more leaks about xiaomi’s first notebook on the internet, and it’s becoming more and more like to be real. And a insider of everything related to Xiaomi, let me sum all these up and tell you why Xiaomi Notebook will be released at 27th July.

  1.  Firstly there is a girl carry a xiaomi package looks like to be a notebook package and walking in Xiaomi’s company.[sociallocker] 588abe30d356e241b3d5a5c616010c34[/sociallocker]
  2. Then Xiaomi Notebook’s picture with Mi logo emerged online.xiaomi-notebook
  3. Then it says Xiaomi’s notebook has different size options, 12.5’/15.6′ or 11’/13′.[sociallocker]fb22639e2cbc22d5a773c123da1968f7-2[/sociallocker]
  4. Xiaomi Notebook’s specifications leaked online:68611fff7f2c5d43428dfcb47c6e5825
  5. Xiaomi’s senior executive said there will be 2 new products release at 24th July one with 3 Chinese characters another with 5 Chinese characters. ??pro(Redmi Pro) consists 3 Chinese characters ?????(Xiaomi notebook) consists 5 Chinese characters.2c42b96ddbb503b68b4017c963e2dcf5
  6. Xiaomi had confirmed Redmi pro will be released at 27th July so another can only be Xiaomi notebook.
  7. 19928FAA-B7D5-41A1-8836-E400B1452BFBIn the Xiaomi Notebook could be image posted by Xiaomi’s Senior Executive, there is a blue mosaic at the left corner. Usually there is nothing special at that spot on windows, it might be Xiaomi Notebook’s unique feature that can not be exposed to the audience yet?
  8. 893696c04d7329e898cad846fe4e7923Xiaomi hired 3 spokespersons for the new product release conference at 27th July, and release a video each day from 20th to 22th July. I have to say this is really a fantastic and unique way of marketing. But why Xiaomi didn’t release the first video at 19th or 21th? If you had known the way Chinese phone companies market their new phones, you would know they usually start to exposing officially leaked infos 7 days before it’s new product release conference. Which means 20th to 22th July is for Redmi Pro, 23th to 27th will be taken for another product, which could be Xiaomi Notebook. And we all know the best product usually to be released at last. So Xiaomi will start to releasing infos for another new product at 23th tomorrow, I’m 90% sure it will be Xiaomi Notebook.
  9. Xiaomi just created Xiaomi Notebook sub-forum at Xiaomi’s official forum in Chinese.




OK, that’s all, let’s hope Xiaomi’s first Notebook can the next game changer in the notebook market!

By the way, if I missed anything, welcome to let me know in the comment below!



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