Even 5-Year-Olds Can Calculate Xiaomi Notebook’s screen resolution

Yesterday, one of Xiaomi’s senior VP posted a picture of the screen of a notebook on his Weibo page and said, “I’ve been using Mac these years, now I try to switch to Windows to play League of Legends(League of Legends is not available on MAC).”


Why did he suddenly switch to Windows when he had been using Mac for years? It’s not a surprise that Xiaomi’s SVP can be the first user to take home Xiaomi’s latest products. So the notebook screen in the picture could be from the Xiaomi Notebook! And even the comments on Weibo suggested the same thing.

So if the notebook in the picture belongs to Xiaomi Notebook, we can calculate the resolution of the screen. All you need to do is open this League of Legends URL on a PC and calculate the Xiaomi Notebook’s screen resolution according to the size ratio. Just visit the same web page ( and take a screenshot. Then compare the number of pixels with the photo shared by Lee.

My own PC screen resolution: 1280*800
My own PC screen resolution: 1280*800
Xiaomi Notebook’s screen

Our calculation resulted in these figures-

[sociallocker]Horizontal: 1667 , Vertical: 1009. The closest, most commonly used resolution is 1680×1050. So is this the Xiaomi Notebook’s display resolution? We can’t confirm, and anyway, it is rumored that the laptop may get a 4K screen.[/sociallocker]

Then again, this is just a regular method of calculating not to be taken seriously. Anyway, we suspect more leaks soon, so there’s no need to make wild guesses.

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