Pokemon Go is available for Xiaomi!

Play Pokemon Go, Xiaomi-lovers!

What is the most popular game since its launch on the 8th of July? Right, it’s the Pokemon GO game! It has already made a great resonance in the media, provoked tons of discussions and earned millions of dollars for its developers. By the way, the game was launched by Google and Nintendo. According to the rumours, Google has invested about 30 million dollars in this project!

Pokemon GO (Xiaomi users are also fond of this game) is the first mobile game with an augmented reality elements. That’s why, actually, it became so famous. The developers used a unique approach for bringing the user as much interaction, as they could, in order to make some real fun! They combined the GPS of a smartphone with Google Maps, providing a virtual world, full of Pokemons. That’s what means Pokemon GO. Xiaomi, as well, as any other Android- or iOS-based device, can be used for playing this game.


The only requirements for it are pretty simple: a stable Internet connection (it’s actual for Pokemon GO. Xiaomi gadget must be able to check, where located you are); minimum of 2 Gb RAM, Android 4.4.4 (KitKat) or upper, as well as the front camera on your gadget. All of the modern devices, costing $120-150 and higher, can launch Pokemon GO. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, Mi 4 (4i, 4c, 4s as well); Redmi 3 and Mi Max are able to run this game perfectly.

Why is it so popular?

The game is interesting thanks to its interactivity. A user has an opportunity to visit any real place (like the mall, a library, a cafe and so on), in order to collect the Pokemon he looks for. The game contains hundreds of different species of pocket monsters, that’s why everyone is engaged in their collecting. Some of the Pockemons are more rare, than the others. Most of the Pokemons also can be located in special places, depending on their type. For example, you can find a water-type Pokemons on the beach. You can upgrade your Pokemons and exchange them with other players, as well as take part in some fights and championships, enter some Pokemon (and Xiaomi) owners groups and so on!

It’s necessary to notice, that Android users can play Pokemon Go from anywhere; while iOS users have to create an account, belonging to the USA (or New Zealand or any other country, where this game was officially presented).

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