Xiaomi Plans to Revive the PC Market: Targets 1 Million Mi Notebook Shipments

Here is something new in terms of sales predictions from Xiaomi as it is pretty upbeat regarding the launch of the new Mi Notebook. This unveiling is actually confirmed for July 27th where we might also see the Xiaomi Redmi Pro. Moreover, the company is banking on the popularity of the Mi Notebook series and believes that is will certainly revolutionize the laptop market— earning them a lot of name and even some money.

Two Versions in Works

The purported gadget will be introduced in two versions but we might just see the smaller Mi Notebook arrive slightly earlier than its bigger counterpart. The 12.5- variant is already under production and Xiaomi has also hinted towards put the 13-Inch version through the same. However, we are expecting slightly different features on each of these gadgets as the sizes don’t vary considerably and the same set of features won’t do any good to the individual sales.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook

Up till now, we can infer than the smaller version will be targeting the entry-level notebook market— focusing mainly towards the gaming requirements. Analysts have also predicted a sale of whopping 1 million units once the Mi Notebook becomes available.

Expected Features

In terms of perceived images, we are expecting these laptops to sport the clam-shell design with a metallic chassis. However, the smaller, gaming version might just bring in more vents for better cooling. While we did discuss the specs sheet earlier, we might continue expecting the Skylake i7 or i5 processor from Intel. It will be interesting to see if the company offers different chipsets to the respective variants. Mi Notebook will run Windows 10 and we are looking forwards to a few Mi enhancements as well.

Mi Notebook Internals

The company might just bring out its new tweak for the notebooks, similar to the MIUI 8 for the smartphones.

The specs sheet suggests towards a 45Wh battery module which might just offers up to 8 hours of steady backup, provided we get a 1080p model.

Frankly speaking, we are expecting Xiaomi to compete against the likes of MacBook and therefore a touch-interface is actually out of question.

With smartphones overtaking notebooks in terms of sales over the last few years, the onus is now on Xiaomi to turn the tide with its slew of lap-based computing gadgets.

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