Xiaomi’s Smartphone Selfies Make Old People Feel Young

Xiaomi guesses the age/gender

Xiaomi doesn’t stop surprising its fans. Its smartphone, Mi Note, was released with a selfie-camera algorithm, which aims at figuring out the age and the gender of a person, who makes a selfie. The reporters, who were present at the event, tested this technology in practice. The results were amazing.

She is 30.
He is 23.
He is 42!!!

Some of the people, who were really 30-40 years old, were marked by Xiaomi Mi Note as those, who are 25-30 years old. However, with the really young people, the situation was absolutely different – they were made ‘older’ by the smartphone. It guesses the gender correctly in all of the cases.

He is 25.


It’s a surprising fact, but Xiaomi is really close to technology innovations in this field. It has managed to launch a product, which guesses, who is in front of the cam and how old he or she is, even much better than the Microsoft’s website does, which was announced almost a year ago. The ‘mistake’, made by Xiaomi is less than 10 years in the majority of cases. This is a good sign, which definitely places this company on the first places in the tech-industry.

age3She is 30.

Except the ability to guess your age/gender, Xiaomi also can edit your photos, in order to make you look better, automatically. This makes working with this smartphone much simpler and brings more fun.

It’s worth reminding, that Xiaomi phones are still not officially presented in the USA. So, the American customers can just order some accessories, like cases, headphones and so on. The smartphones or tablets of this brand can be purchased online, using some Chinese websites, like GearBest or AliExpress.

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