3 Important Signs To Recognize An Unofficial Xiaomi Shop


Unlike 10 to 15 years ago when online shopping was still “young”, the web is now crowded with the online sites that sell stuff like technology and accessories. More and more sites are trying to make money just by making identical sites to the official ones and to re-sell their products for the higher price. One of those examples are Xiaomi sites and today, we will show you on what details you should pay attention while browsing for a Xiaomi product.

1. Sites that use SEO services

While browsing through the various websites for the perfect online store, the most visited sites will usually appear on the front page of your browser. You will probably think that these sites are most trusted and the safest for making your online purchase, and that is where you will make a crucial mistake.

A lot of these sites are using SEO services just to boost their Google rankings so that they would appear on your front page, so before you decide to buy anything from them try to make a research about that particular site. Without any problems, you should be able to find some positive or negative reviews about it, and by doing that you will know with what kind of site you are dealing with and if it’s safe for buying or not.
Some of the examples of unofficial Xiaomi sites:


2. Compare the price

You should never stop on the first site that you find. Taking extra caution can never be harmful to you and especially for your wallet since the only official Xiaomi stores are located in Asia. If you are trying to buy some of the Xiaomi’s smartphones, you will probably go for it through some of the unofficial shops.

The first thing that should point out the unofficial site is the price of the products; if it’s higher than the one from the official store, you’re dealing with an unofficial site.

3. The Warranty

If you find a perfect Xiaomi smartphone for your requirements and if the price fits perfect in your budget, try to find one last but important thing before you click “Add to Cart” button. Usually, in a description of the item that you want to buy, seller highlights the warranty and how many years does it last. If you cannot find any information about the warranty, try to contact the seller and ask about it to make sure if you will receive one or not.

If they do not provide any warranty at all, then you got yourself on one of those unofficial stores that only wants your money, and that will probably ship you the copy of the original smartphone or even worse, a stolen smartphone.


With these three important signs, we hope that we increased your awareness and that the next time when you go for the online shopping, to get yourself a Xiaomi smartphone you will have these signs on your mind. To help yourself understanding the difference between the unofficial and official site, you can go to the Xiaomi official site and see the difference for yourself.

On the front page you should always be able to find the information about the warranty, so try to have that on your mind. After all, we care about our Xiaomi users, and we want all of you to receive a real smartphone, not some copy that will affect your experience negatively when it gets to the online shopping.

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