25 reasons why Xiaomi Redmi 3 is better than Cubot X16s

Cubot X16s is worse than Xiaomi Redmi 3 because of:

1.Color specifications


First of all, let’s start from the appearance of Cubot X16s and the Redmi 3. Even if it’s not so important for the performance of your gadget, you still want it to look great. With Xiaomi Redmi 3 you get an opportunity to make a choice, whether you’ll have gray, silver or gold model. Cubot X16s has only black or white ones.

2.The pattern

Yes, Redmi 3 got a nice pattern on its back. Seriously, it looks amazing!

3.Oleophobic coating

Xiaomi Redmi3 got an oleophobic coating, which prevents your smartphone from leaving the fingerprints on the screen surface. Cubot X16s has got no.

4.The body

Xiaomi has another great benefit, related to its Redmi 3 body. It’s made of magnesium alloy, which is concerned with a ‘superstrong’ and a ‘superlight’ material, perfect for building a smartphone of it. Cubot X16s uses much more traditional metal.


If you are going to use your mobile phone as a mobile WiFi hotspot, providing you with a highspeed Internet connection, then Redmi 3 is your perfect solution. It supports CDMA network connection, when Cubot X16s does not.


Chinese customers have definitely more reasons to use Redmi 3 as well. Purchase the China Mobile SIM and use TS-SCDMA format, in order to get a high-speed connection straight to your mobile!


One more advantage of Redmi 3 under X16 is the support of UMTS. This connection is used in Europe, and it’s also called 3GSM. You can use this cheap solution in order to use the benefits of the 3G-like service.

8.Mobile network

Mobile networking is also the strong side of Xiaomi. Redmi 3 supports TD-SCDMA and TD-HSDPA as well. These types of connection are used in China, so it confirms, that Xiaomi is a better China-oriented ‘hunter’.

9.MiUI 7, 7.2

Talking about the benefits of Xiaomi Redmi 3, we can’t help mentioning the MiUI interface. It’s one of the most popular Android interfaces, which looks similar to iOS with its set of icons, colours and shapes. It makes an original Android much more attractive, that’s why it has so many active users!

10.Qualcomm Snapdragon 616

3d illustration of a glowing blue Qualcomm logo sitting on top of a glossy microchip
Redmi 3 has got famous Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 processor when Cubot X16s has got only MediaTek MT6735A. The benefits are obvious: Snapdragon got its integrated LTE and graphics, as well as supports some memory error codes.

11.CPU cores

One more reason, why Redmi 3 is better, than X16s, is in a number of its cores. 8 CPU cores against only 4 mean much higher level of performance and the stability of device during its daily exploitation.

12.CPU frequency

The time of response, which needs Xiaomi, is traditionally higher than cubot X16s does. It’s 1500 MHz vs 1300 MHz (or 1.5 HHz vs 1.3HHz). In a real life, this speed may not be always noticeable, – it depends on the way you use this smartphone. But this benefit is still pretty obvious.

13.RAM frequency

Same, as the higher CPU speed, Redmi 3 has also got a higher RAM frequency, in comparison with Cubot X16s. It’s equal to 800 MHz (when X16 got only 533 MHz). This value responds to the speed of data being transferred; the higher it is – the faster will be the response of a device.


Maybe, this feature of Xiaomi (in comparison with Cubot X16s) is not so important, if you don’t use your navigational tools. However, it’s still an opportunity: Redmi 3 has its compass so that you won’t get lost even if your GPS/LTE or anything else will deny. This feature shows us, that the Chinese tech-giant takes care of its model’s equipment, even if it’s a low-budget one.

15.ISOCELL sensor type vs CMOS

Cubot X16 has CMOS
The rear camera of Redmi 3 has got ISOCELL sensor type when its competitor (within our comparison, we mean Cubot X16s) has got a CMOS type. Xiaomi has got two advantages, thanks to this technology: its camera provides wider, clearer and better viewing experience than the X16s one, using CMOS; also Redmi 3 provides wider dynamic range technology. It allows your images to be processed after each shot, in order to get a wider view.

16.Macro mode

Xiaomi Redmi 3 can be proud of its camera’s macro mode. It allows making clear pictures of any object from the very close distance. X16s’ picture will get blurred in the same conditions.

17.Secondary camera

Cubot X16 is worse
The frequency of pictures, taken with the secondary camera of Redmi 3, while making a video, is almost twice higher, as the Cubot’s one. It means, that the quality of the content you film with the front cam will differ a lot.

18.BeiDou navigation

One more benefit for users from China, prepared by Redmi 3 – the BeiDou navigational system. It widens your navigational opportunities if you use Xiaomi. Cubot doesn’t support it at all.

19.Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi display

Another couple of benefits, prepared by Xiaomi for its customers, is Wi-Fi Direct and Display. The first technology allows connecting two devices with no router or hot-spot directly. The Display is a technology of taking the picture from your smartphone onto the display of another device.

20.USB – as a Host

Redmi 3 also supports USB-Host function. It means, that a flash drive or even a keyboard with the mouse can be connected to your smartphone. X16 has no such a feature at all.

21.Bluetooth HID

One more feature, that allows connecting your mouse, joystick or any other controlling device to your Redmi 3 is a Human Interface Device (Bluetooth HID).

22.More audio files

Xiaomi supports a wider range of audio files, than Cubot. Except the traditional ones, it can also play AC3, OGG, AAC+ and much more.

23.More video files (H.263, H.264, VC-1, ASF and so on)

The set of formats of video files, supported by Redmi 3, is bigger as well.

24.Battery capacity

Xiaomi is famous for their capacity of the battery, providing a longer life than its competitor has. 4100 mAh versus 2500 mAh brings a significant difference!

25.Faster charging

If you are in a hurry, and you need your smartphone to be charged as soon, as possible – Redmi 3 is definitely your choice as well. The output of its charger is twice higher than the CUBOT X16s.

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