It’s Official: Xiaomi Is Launching Redmi Pro on July 27

There have been many rumors about the next highly powered and spec’d phone from Xiaomi but all we knew about it from the leaks and rumors was that the phone will be featuring a double-lens rear camera.

redmi pro features specs

There were many leaks and rumors about the name of the next device and industry experts speculated that it would be either named Redmi Note 4 or Redmi 4. But earlier today, Xiaomi broke the suspense on social media site Weibo and said that the device will be named Redmi Pro.

If you’re wondering whether they did announce any other details about Redmi Pro, unfortunately, no they did not. However, from a leaked Geekbench report, we know that the next phone from Xiaomi will be powered by Helio X25 Chipset coupled with 4GB RAM, and will be running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system.

When it comes to the pricing, going by Xiaomi’s previous pricing strategy, we expect the price of Redmi Pro to be about 1000 Chinese Yuan which converts to $150 approximately.

We are also expecting Xiaomi to release a Windows Laptop at the event whose hardware would be as good as that of Apple’s mac book.

Stay tuned to XiaomiToday and we’ll bring you all the updates from Xiaomi’s event on July 27th.

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