Samsung Galaxy Note 7 leaked in Blue Coral

Smartphones are getting thinner and thinner.At all ends is slimmed down to save as many millimeters. Even Samsung could place greater emphasis on streamlined housing in the future . It is a new display technology to shovel the necessary space and even in  Galaxy Note 7 are used.

Y-OCTA: New display technology to make the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 thinner

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was already leaked several pictures .

Below are some new images:

Very narrow display edges to thereby enable a compact housing. But one would like to save not only the width of space, but also in thickness. The Note 7 to be thinner than its predecessor. And where save other manufacturers like Apple might at jack, Samsung is working on a new display technology that could be used in the next generation phablet obviously .

In recent Samsung smartphones such as inter alia the  Galaxy S7 and S7 edge an additional layer is present below the main display which is used for detecting inputs on the touch display. Using a new technology – known as the “Y-OCTA” – to the touch sensors are integrated in the production process in the display. While the electrodes were previously placed between the display and the additional layer, the display is coated by using the Y-OCTA technology with the electrodes. The film below the display is not needed – saving space. On top of that it is conceivable that Y-OCTA allows a pressure-sensitive operation.

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In addition, Samsung could save costs by the new display technology. The company takes the additional layers of the touch sensors are not separately import – this has always been the case. On final price of smartphones should thus be no different, rather the manufacturer should enter a larger profit margin. In upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the Y-OCTA technology to 1,440 pixels and rounded edges display come with a Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2,560 x first used, other flagships would follow.

On August 2, Samsung will introduce the next generation of touch-series. One of the main features of this case is a phablets iris scanner as an alternative to fingerprint Entsperrmöglichkeit to expect.

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