Xiaomi: Starts the notebook with Intel Atom CPU on 27 July?

A rumor from China suggests a much less powerful machine than expected. Xiaomi it is supposed to present on 27 July at a press conference. by Alexander Fagot, 15.07.2016Windows Rumor Notebook

Will Xiaomi his notebook actually equip with Atom CPU?

A news item a Chinese online newspaper reported Xiaomi could introduce its first laptop already 27 July at a press conference. Another launch candidate, according to the report, the redmi Note 4. Even the Xiaomi Note 2 a Xiaomi Mi 5s , a watch and a hitherto unknown Pro smartphone stand at Xiaomi in the launch pipeline, but now have been all only expected for a start in August or September.

Not only the early date is puzzling, even the alleged features of the notebook with an Intel Atom CPU does not quite fit into the picture. Xiaomi wants, recent announcements and indications According to penetrate more and more into the high-end, with the Xiaomi Notebook even the Apple MacBook Pro Series Paroli should be given for this purpose to provide an Intel Atom processor, seems inappropriate. It would be possible, however, a wide range of devices, such as a series with Intel Core processors for the high-end area and netbook-like variants with Intel Atom CPU and long maturities for a few challenging tasks. On all devices Windows 10 should run as an operating system. Previous rumors were of high MacBook Pro competitor in the display sizes of 12.5 inches, 13.3 inches and 15.6 inches out, and one of them are designed for the gamers.

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xiaomi launch

However, the July 27 is actually a fixed date for Xiaomi. A press conference at the Beijing National Convention Center was officially announced by Xiaomi on Weibo, however. From redmi department at Xiaomi It sounds plausible that Xiaomi will announce on the day a new addition to the lineup redmi the manufacturer, the rumor about the upcoming launch of a notebook with Intel Atom processor, however, should be treated with caution.

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