OUKITEL U13 Pro is an upcoming flagship with a stunning build and killer price

Premium made smartphones have started to become quite common and OUKITEL U13 Pro is going to go along with that trend with a metal body high-end smartphone that looks terrific. The design of the phone is quite similar, and it shows that companies are not willing to take unnecessary risks by releasing an outstandingly crazy phone design. While it looks simple, it is definitely pleasing to look at and sometimes that is what we really need from these manufacturers.

OUKITEL’s popularity stems from being able to produce Android smartphones with abnormally large battery capacities. One example is the company’s K10000, which is outfitted with a gigantic 10,000mAh battery. One could say that it is possibly the thickest Android phones ever made, because when you have a 10,000mAh battery, you cannot afford to keep the smartphone thin at all.

OUKITEL U13 Pro (1)

Coming to the OUKITEL U13 Pro, the company reports that the price of the smartphone is going to be 9.99, which is quite hard to believe since a phone with a unibody design tends to be on the expensive side of things. OUKITEL states that the smartphone will feature 3GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, but has made no mention as to which chipset and other goodies are going to be present.

OUKITEL U13 Pro (3)

From the looks of it, OUKITEL U13 Pro could feature a MediaTek Helio P10, which is a powerful SoC in its own league, and because we haven’t seen any phone belonging to the company to feature any other chipset other than those belonging to MediaTek.

OUKITEL U13 Pro (4)

If we get Helio P10 powered OUKITEL U13 Pro, it’s going to be one heck of a phone for $199.99. If you look closely, there is also a fingerprint reader mounted at the back and it’s undoubtedly going to be running Android Marshmallow when it officially releases.

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