Xiaomi Pro Phone specs leaked with Snapdragon 821

Xiaomi has been one of the most successful companies in the competitive smartphone market, with smartphones up to brands already recognized such as Samsung and LG, with much smaller prices, this was and remains one of its key features. However, recently the company has taken an unexpected turn and is focusing on another idea: Create Smartphones which exceed the quality of other companies’ flagships and that price is not a biggest problem to see.

Xiaomi Pro

The evolution of Xiaomi “MI” line says Hello to a goo and stylish design

This leads to the vast majority of devices announced for this 2016 are high-end smartphones, memory, and features that often exceed our expectations.

Xiaomi doesn’t want to be an “underground” brand anymore. The company wants to be the number one worldwide Smartphones. Phones like the new Xiaomi MI Note 2 prove it. They know that whenever users want a Smartphone with the best technology and thus please their loyal fans since its inception.


This will be also a new and incredible Xiaomi device. This is a leaked picture.

Recently in an interview, the Co-founder of Xiaomi, Mr. Jiang, made mention of a phone which could appear from the second half of the year, which left us stunned because nobody knew what Smartphone was concerned, nor its specs or his name.

A recent leak from Weibo allowed us to meet the prospective Smartphone which Mr. Jiang, who is nothing more and nothing less than a new Smartphone which will be called Xiaomi Pro meant. By “Pro”  we can conclude that will be something pretty big.

Xiaomi Mi Pro

Leaked picture from Weibo. Amazing! Right?

Not only that, in addition to discover the name of this potential new model, there are leaks of its specs, which will make you want to have this new Xiaomi Pro that the company is preparing for you.

The Xiaomi Pro seems to be the new flagship in which the company is working at this time, although we do not know if it will be called Xiaomi Pro or if they will choose to continue using the “MI” series and name it Xiaomi Mi Pro, but we know that this possible new smartphone will have a 5.5-inch screen with FULLHD and OLED technology, with nothing more and nothing less than 4GB to 6GB of RAM type LPDDR4, and possibly 64 or 128GB of storage space.

As for the processor, rumored to be a Snapdragon 821 quad-core, accompanied by an Adreno 530 GPU. What will support this beast? A 3,700 mAh battery, something much greater than the 2000’s that we see on average between smartphones.

In addition to these great features, the Xiaomi Pro will have a fingerprint sensor and a sensor in the rear camera. The company surely might try using an ISOCELL S5K2L1 or IMX260 sensor in the Xiaomi Pro, using sensors with the same quality as those used in the Samsung Galaxy S7, for example.

The Xiaomi Pro camera, according to the leak, is 12 megapixels, the same megapixels seen in the leaked specs of Xiaomi MI Note 2 has left us dazzled. Why don’t you see it and compare both? Click here

With no doubt, the possible Xiaomi Pro, if these leaks are true, will make that new brandlovers board the “MI” ship. We hope that its design be consistent with its incredible (yet unconfirmed) features.

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