Xiaomi Mii band vs. 37 degree L18 smart band


The wearables market is increasing every passing day, and there are already many options available and the price range. The most fantastic of this world is that the price undertakes very little product quality and therefore may have something very useful and great robustness for a very small amount.

The two products are the best when it comes to smart bands, easily competing with big names in the market.




The Mi Band 1S was designed by Xiaomi, a Chinese company having its origin in Beijing and whose potential has been increasing at a tremendous pace, having already become the third largest Smartphone distributor worldwide and the first in China, surpassing giant company “Samsung”. This producer is also known for high its high quality products and reasonable prices.


The 37 Degree, creator of the L18 37 Degree, the Xiaomi image is a Chinese company based in Beijing with market presence in data analysis of business classes. Currently provides services DMP (Data Management Platform) in the cloud as well as all types of data analysis and applications. Audi, Hyundai and Lenovo are some of its major customers.

Packaging content:

Both brands have opted for simplicity when they created the packages of its two products, giving their special focus to the Band, just being with this part we face when we opened the package. The content is exactly the same, obviously differing in the arrangement of the monitoring and the design thereof. Along with Bands, we have the bracelets, both in rubber, a brief user’s guide and the Micro-USB cable for charging the battery of the Band.


L18 37 Degree


Mi Band 1S


Although both Bands are very similar in practical terms, it is the design that differs the most. While Mi 1S Band 3 is made up of white LEDs disposed on a flat surface without any printing, L18 presents a surface with an impression of a cardiac waveform, accompanied by a blue LED notification.

To access the Micro USB input we will have to remove the Band of the bracelet, in the case of Mi Band 1S, while in the case of L18 it has the entrance on the side without the need to remove it from the strap.

In both the brands, we have the bracelet in various colours and we can even buy them separately according to our wish.


Mi Band 1S

L18 37 Degree


Functions such as Step Counting, sleep analysis and heart rate monitoring can be found in both Bands and we may have access to a countless number of data thanks to these sensors, provided by the mobile application. Nevertheless, the L18 offers a few more features, such as Blood Pressure Monitor, Stress Analysis and Analysis of Emotional State, which although less important than the first, do not cease to be useful and interesting.


Mobile application:-

The Mi Fit , a native application of Xiaomi used  for the management of your Band, allows you to have access to your daily and monthly statistics, one can see with great precision that how many steps one has walked in a day and compare them to their daily goal, introduced at the pairing, and this will react through the LED and vibration as the goal is being met. You can also view the history of your sleep, monitoring the time of deep sleep and light sleep, so adjust your rest to daily activities that will hold. There is still a zone that allows you to check your heart rate and compare with historical assessments. Finally, you can configure up to 3 applications so you can receive notifications triggered by them for Band (vibration and / or LEDs). May at any time synchronize your data with sports applications such as Google Fit or Apple Health .



Already the 37th Bracelet , an official application of L18, offers all the features mentioned in Mi Fit, even joining them to the measuring mode “Quick Click” the Blood Pressure, Breathing, Heart Rate, emotional state and fatigue, each having one specific measurement time and explained beside each. All these statistics can also be seen taking into account the past records, so you can compare, draw conclusions and perhaps prevent or discover some health problem if present.




As can be seen by comparing the main specifications, there are some differences of these two Bands, and the battery and the Protections level jumping into the sight instantly. Despite the battery of Xiaomi Mi Band 1S be almost 4 times smaller than the L18, it has longer battery life, this being due to Mi Band was designed to take the work out of activity tracking. .

The fact Xiaomi Mi Band 1S has IP67 protection makes it more resistant to the surrounding environment, compared with the IP Code of 37 degree L18 .


Both Bands can be purchased in Gear best, and the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S  is currently priced at 17.69 dollars (about 10.16 Euros) and L18 37 Degree costs 21.53 dollars (about 19.60 Euros).

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