Mysterious Xiaomi Mi Note 2 “CURVED” Spotted!

As the rumor mill always gets the best of companies like Xiaomi, a few photos have surfaced on Weibo showcasing a bent/curved Xiaomi Phablet. From the photos, it is safe to assume that the device is a phablet with a large screen.


As you can see in the photos, the phone does seem to have the latest design language that Xiaomi has been following since the original Mi Note. So, this could possibly be the Mi Note 2 itself or an entirely new series of phones to go alongside with the Mi Note series.


We cannot determine whether the device is running on MIUI 8 or MIUI 7, nor can we see the back of the device (where the rumored dual-cameras are) which could have made things simpler for identifying the phone as the Mi Note 2.


This could also be a failed prototype for a new product, or even worse, a Mi Note bent like the iPhone 6 was. In any case, the leaked pictures are very interesting, and since the Mi Note 2 leaks are just picking up, these pictures could possibly be the phone itself. Whatever the case maybe we will keep you updated on the latest leaks and news as they come out.

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