3D renderings of iPhone 7 Plus reveal new features from the upcoming phone

The 3D renderings of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 Plus reveal new features that have not been present in any of the previous versions of the smartphone. The first one being that the iPhone 7 Plus is going to be coming in a total of three versions. According to a Chinese source, the Pro version is going to be officially released after the Plus version, so we should expect better hardware upgrades from the former.

However, one change that the source has pointed out is the addition of a USB-C port. With all of Apple’s previous phones utilizing the Lightning port for several years, a new port was undoubtedly going to be one of the features that would change with the upcoming devices. With the USB-C port, it appears that Apple is also going to be bundling a 3.5mm to USB-C adapter so that you can easily connect your earphones and headphones to the smartphone.

While this will become a complicated scenario for the user, it does state that the smartphone will provide support for wireless charging, meaning that the user can seamlessly place the iPhone 7 Plus on the charging pad while listening to any sort of media on his iPhone using headphones or earphones at the same time. The 3D renderings do show that the iPhone 7 Plus does not feature a headphone jack, which might prove the ongoing rumor that Apple is getting serious of removing this port from its smartphone lineup once and for all.

Apple is going to announce its iPhones during the month of September, and that is the time where we can provide you with all the information that was not available to us for the longest time.

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