Xiaomi Mi5 Now Can be Used to Pay for NFC Subway Ride


As time goes by, people seek simplifying technology in their daily lives especially for transportation. Pursuance,excellence and continuous creative innovation have been some exclusive qualities of Xiaomi as a company. The Verge, a global technology news and media network reported that we won’t be able to use smartphones to pay for an NFC subway ride until 2021 on April 12, 2016 but Xiaomi Mi5 which released in March 2016 isn’t just extraordinary in specs but also a brilliant breakthrough in transport technology as it will satisfy the users’ requirements functionally. Can you imagine how helpful would it be if your smartphone replaced your bus card or your Metro Card?

Now, people can use Xiaomi Mi5 to pay for an NYC subway ride. You will be able to pay bus and train fares by simply tapping your Xiaomi Mi5 smartphone against an electronic reader. In other words, bid farewell to your bus card and Metro Card. You won’t be needing it anymore hence no fear of losing it or forgetting it back at your workplace. You could rely on your Xiaomi Mi5 as if it were your multi-transportation card.

hese services are currently available in Shanghai and Shenzhen and the second batch of cities such as Beijing, Wuhan and Guangdong Lingnan Tong would also begin the services immediately. Along with extensive research, surveys are being conducted by the concerned authorities to decide which places should be allotted with this incredible technology.  The opinion of people is taken into consideration to serve them better and gain their trust, helping Xiaomi connect to their customers and crawl a step further to soon reach the top.

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