MIUI8 shocking new features: fingerprint payment!

After MIUI8 beta, MIUI official Weibo will periodically focus on the feedback of Mi fans to answer, and broke some of the new features of MIUI. Following the last revealed MIUI 8 will add mobile phone screen recording function, today released a new feature amazing message: fingerprint payment.


MIUI team said fingerprint payment is determined on the line in years. By then, Xiaomi mobile phone with fingerprint, can pass Alipay, WeChat fingerprint payment, no need to key in your password each time, will be a lot easier.

It is worth mentioning that, MIUI camera team and Xiaomi Live is all-round cooperation, there will be some live effects in the future in the camera.

Moreover, MIUI three fingers slipped screenshot function will released in developer edition next week.


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