Brutal! Xiaomi Note 2 Specification, The price exposed: Most expensive

June 19, Lin Bin, president of Xiaomi attend the opening ceremony in Qingdao had said that the second half will launch one or two high-performance, high-end mobile phones with subversive. Now look at the situation from the exposure, which is a Xiaomi 5S, namely Xiaomi upgraded version 5; another is really big kill, Xiaomi Note 2.

Previously, Huaqiang Electronics Research Institute, phone and electronics industry analyst @ Pan Jiutang had claimed that the domestic market Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 mobile phone should be Xiaomi xxxx, this point of view, should be the Xiaomi 5S and Xiaomi Note 2.

Sources exposed a group of Xiaomi Note 2 detailed specification and price, where Edge curved screen version price reached $527, called the most expensive Xiaomi mobile phone.

It is understood that Xiaomi Note 2 will release in Xiaomi new conference in the second half of 2016 (the specific time to be determined), configuration 5.7-inch screen, resolution is 1080p (Standard Edition) / 2K (Top Edition, Edge) two kinds, support Force Touch pressure-sensitive screen, internal memory in three versions:

1, 4GB + 32GB (Standard Edition); 2, 6GB + 64GB (Top Edition); 3, 6GB + 128GB (Edge), priced at

376 $, 451$, 527$.

Other specifications also include 12 million dual camera system (Top Edition, Edge Edition, Standard Edition 16 million pixels), 4000mAh large-capacity battery (fast charge 3.0), hidden fingerprint identification, etc., functions support NFC, infrared, full Netcom 3.0, Hi-Fi audio, and so on.

Of course, these revelations are for reference only. We believe that, in accordance with the style of Xiaomi, the final price is not expected to set so high, some of which specification is also open to question, such as hidden fingerprint recognition, it may not be so quick to spend.

In fact, compared to the specification and price, Xiaomi flagship biggest pain is the pre-supply problems, after Lei Jun taking over the mobile phone supply chain, hope Xiaomi Note 2 will be changed.

Xiaomi Note 2
Xiaomi Note is expected to provide double curve side of the screen Edge version

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