Leotec Sport Smartwatch Review, low price and great features.

Nowadays the market for Smartwatches is exponentially growing and constantly expanding, this also allows smaller brands to show what they can do, such is the case of this manufacturer: Leotec a technology brand from Spain that is recently entering the  field of wearables with their new device: the Leotec Sport Smartwatch, a small and extremely affordable watch that features 2G connectivity and is intended to rival with the Smartwatch U8 that is currently owning the low-end market for this kind of devices.
Leotec preview

The Leotec Smartwatch like the U8 has the intention of delivering the best features possible at the lowest price possible. This is a hard goal to achieve since often the necessary sacrifices involve removing features like the network connectivity, but this is not the case for the Leotec Smartwatch, which features 2G connectivity alongside a sporty design. This wearable features a 1,54-inch multi-touch screen protected by a metallic frame, the body as whole has size dimensions of 47 x 40 x 13 mm and two silicone straps with a casual look are attached to it. This tiny wearable offers a decent quality and amount of features that make out of it a solid choice while looking for affordable Smartwatches.


Leotec preview

The Leotec Sport Smartwatch features a square shaped screen wrapped by a metal frame, which is, in fact, a 1.54-inch multi-touch display with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels that is good for the price and beats many low-end wearables on this aspect. The screen responds well enough and the image quality is decent, no complaints about it. Besides that, there isn’t too much that can be said regarding the display.



Leotec preview

The design is sporty and casual, really simple and straight-forward but we give thumbs up to the addition of a metal frame that reinforces the structure of the body since most Smartwatches at this price range are made out of plastic. The body has the following size dimensions 47 x 40 x 13 mm, as you can see in the images is not too thick and is also lightweight, only 73 gr to be precise, therefore, it should fit your wrist just well. The straps are ergonomic and made of silicone.

On the front, a 0.3 MP camera can be found below the screen. On the right side, you’ll find the crown of the watch, a rectangular button and a tiny microphone for voice calls and listen to music. On the back, there is only a speaker and the rear case can be extracted, beneath the battery lies the micro-SD and SIM slots.

The Leotec Smartwatch comes in four different color presentations: blue, green, black and white. Just choose the color that suits you best. Also, be aware that the straps can´t be swapped.


Chipset and memory

The Leotec Sport Smartwatch has in its core an MT6261A chipset, there is few known information about this SoC but it seems that is powerful enough to provide a smooth performance while running the OS and default apps.

This Smartwatch is really basic and the memory provided is only the required to perform basic tasks, it has 32MB of ram and barely 128MB for internal storage, but it can be expanded up to 32 GB by using a micro-SD card.



The Leotec features 2G connectivity and Bluetooth 3.0 which allows synchronization with Android devices. Perhaps one of the best features is the support for GSM networks, as we mentioned an SIM slot is available, this means that you can dial and receive calls, text messages, notifications or browse the internet, etc. All this without the need of a smartphone. Of course do not expect an outstanding network performance because it´s only a 2G device.



Leotec preview

This Smartwatch has a 0.3 MP camera on the front section, is really basic and is hard to find something better for such a low price, you get what you pay for.



When it comes to the battery is safe to say that is another point in favor of the Leotec Sport Smartwatch, we are talking about a 380mAh battery that can deliver two or three days of regular use, even four if the airplane mode is active, but as always this measure depends on the usage given.



Leotec preview

The Leotec Sport Smartwatch features the standard functions for wearables:

  • Bluetooth: so that you can link with your Android Smartphone and control it from your watch.
  • 2G connectivity: dial and receive calls, text messages, surf the web, etc.
  • Pedometer: use your watch to keep the track of your physical activities.
  • Additional features: Alarm, calendar, images, music, etc.

It’s important to point out the lack of some external sensors that could be helpful for sports activities, such as a heart rate sensor, barometer or a thermometer. Regarding sensors, the Leotec Sport Smartwatch falls short.



Dimensions 47 x 40 x 13 mm
Weight 73 gr
Colors Green, blue, white and black
Straps materials Silicone
Camera  0.3 MP, pictures and video.
Display 1.54 inches
CPU Chipset MT6261A
Memory 32 MB RAM, 128 MB ROM (Up to 32 GB)
Connectivity Bluetooth 3.0, 2G
Battery 380 mAh
Languages Spanish, English, others
Compatibility Android
Sensors Pedometer
Main features Music, images, calculator, notifications, dialing, sleep monitor, pedometer,

sedentary reminder, chronometer, calendar, anti-loss function, vibration,

Microphone, speakers, SMS, GSM.


Leotec Sport Smartwatch: Our veredict

Leotec preview

The Leotec sport Smartwatch is a low-end wearable that surprisingly manages to deliver a generous amount of features at a really low price. As we stated before this device features a good display, an acceptable quality built, 2G connectivity and a battery with a durable lifespan; grating three ultimate positive points. In the downside, the lack of major variety of sensors can be criticized alongside the absence of iOS compatibility, but attacking any other aspect of this Smartwatch would be a crime due to the low amount of money you would be paying for.

Therefore, we can establish that the Leotec Smartwatch does its best try to provide more for the lowest price possible, but if you have higher requirements or expectations then you should look for another watch that can fulfill your needs, however, you can be sure that you won’t find it at this price range.



+ Affordable price

+ Great features for the price range

+ 2G Connectivity

+ Long battery life



-Needs more external sensors.

-No support for iOS.

-The straps can´t be swapped.


Where to Buy?

You can purchase the Leotec Sport smartwatch from the following online stores


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