ZGPAX S8 Smartwatch Phone Review – Black Beauty

It seems to all of us that present speeds us up with all its technological needs. Therefore, we can only imagine what the future will bring with its innovations and solutions. We need some gadgets that will back us up and help us continue living our lives calmly and smoothly in the century of acceleration and bunch of obligations. In this kind of world, a smartwatch is something that always gets on our mind as one of the best decisions. Today we are reviewing very appealing and quite affordable device, ZGPAX S8 Smartwatch Phone. Before we go through its delightful design and amusing functions, let’s check out the general specs.

ZGPAX S8 black smartwatch with clock hands on display on the white background


Model S8
Screen size 1.54 Inches
Display resolution 240×240
OS Android 4.4 KitKat
Chipset MediaTek MT6572
CPU 1GHz  Dual-Core
GPU Mali-400MP
Bluetooth Yes V4.0
Network type WCDMA+GSM
Connectivity 3G, GSM, WiFi, GPS
Battery Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
Battery size 450mAh
Camera 2.0 MP
Color options Black

ZGPAX S8 Packaging

This product offers you ordinary and standard package. In addition to ZGPAX S8 Smartwatch, there are battery, power adapter, USB cable and user manual. All of these components are bagged in a subtle and compact white box. What we consider as a downside of this device is that there are no screws or bands to switch, but we sincerely hope the producer will change this soon enough.

ZGPAX S8 smartwatch white box packagePackage Content:

1X Battery
1X USB Cable
1X Power Adapter
1X User manual

ZGPAX S8 smartwatch packaging in a white boxDesign and Build Quality

When looking for products to buy, the first thing we see is its design, especially when it comes to smartwatches because it is something we are about to wear on a daily basis. Regarding this fact, smartwatch has to be simple, comfortable but still stylish and that’s just what ZGPAX S8 is all about.

This watch is characterized by metal frame for display which protects your screen, and we don’t have to explain how important this issue is when it comes to buying a device. The band is pretty comfy, and it will serve your wrist just fine. There is no waterproof feature, therefore, you have to be careful while handling it near water.
No matter if you are sporty or classic, it will fit your outfits splendidly. Unfortunately, the only color available is black, but, as a high fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld once said: “Black, like white, is the best color.” ZGPAX S8 black smartwatch held in handsIt seems quite strong with its 150 grams but you won’t even feel the weight while wearing it. On the front of ZGPAX S8, there is a 1.54 – inch display enabling you to check the most needed information such as time, weather, messages, incoming calls or GPS. There is a camera which will serve you greatly while capturing the most beautiful moments of your life.ZGPAX S8 smartwatch display with clock hands on itThere is only a SIM Card slot on the left side of the device where you can put your TF card up to 32GB. ZGPAX S8 is not crowded with accessories, therefore, it is very easy for usage.

Here’s a good 32GB card to complement your ZGPAX S8 Smartwatch

ZGPAX S8 smartwatch with SIM card slot on the left side On the right side, there is a USB port which enables you to transfer your favorite music and photos to your smartwatch. Also, there are volume control buttons that you use if you want to adjust the volume of the speakers. ZGPAX S8 smartwatch on the right sideThe backside is completely empty except it is surrounded by four screws. It will lie on your skin nicely because there are no extras to make your wrist inconvenient. In large, ZGPAX S8 offers you leisure and high-quality design.


ZGPAX S8 1.54 – inches display gives you an ultra clean screen with 240×240 display resolution giving you a fine view of the screen and vivid colors. Of course, a rounded screen brings you impeccable viewing angles. It supports multi-point touch screen hence it enables you to cross over your icons easily.ZGPAX S8 Smartwatch held in hands


The S8 has a 2MP camera, and we could all agree it could be better, but it will serve you while capturing some shots here and there. We still feel a bit awkward doing it.ZGPAX S8 smartwatches camera


The 450mAh battery offers you two days of regular usage. It is not the best you can get especially if you’re a power user, but  the good thin is that you can charge it very fast. Also, ZGPAX S8 supports Bluetooth 4.0 which saves your battery life so you can continue your adventures with this black beauty.

Processor and RAM

The performance of S8 is defined by MTK6572 dual-core processor, ticking at the frequency up to 1.0GHz. It is accompanied by 4GB of internal storage and 512MB of RAM which is quite decent in regard to the price of the device.

Here’s a good 32GB card to complement your ZGPAX S8 Smartwatch storage

Operative System

S8 uses Android 4.4 KitKat operative system which is below the standard considering the fact that these types of devices usually use Android 5.1 nowadays. Nevertheless, you will be able to download all apps you need from Google Play Store and use them immaculately. You can watch videos, play your games and do faster multitasking because KitKat improves the touchscreen so that it responds precisely and quickly.ZGPAX S8 smartwatch with fingers pointing at Android KitKat OS

ZGPAX S8 Connectivity

This smartwatch  supports single SIM card so you can talk to your family and friends and sync contacts and messages. You will get notifications from your apps such as Facebook or Gmail accurately and orderly. Bluetooth 4.0 works exquisitely, and you will have no problems connecting your smartwatch and mobile phone.

3G connection offers you high-quality internet access; you’ll be covered no matter if you go out of Wi-Fi zones. ZGPAX S8 supports GPS, so you can navigate yourself wherever you go. Using the USB cable you can upload music and images from other devices so you can enjoy in sounds of your favorite songs.


ZGPAX S8 doesn’t support many sensors but still there are some which can be very useful to your everyday life. Besides the GPS, the S8 built-in compass sensor will help you with directions and trip planning anywhere. You will be able to find shortcuts and make your route faster and easier.

Other additional features are Alarm, Calendar, MP3, People and Wi-Fi, therefore, you don’t have to worry about basic necessities for managing your daily schedule. The display of ZGPAX S8 smartwatch with icons on it

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable
  • Universal design
  • Independent SIM card
  • Built-in Compass Sensor
  • Good Bluetooth Connection


  • Available only in one color
  • No screw or additional bands in a package
  • Low-quality camera
  • Battery life

Our opinion

If we take into account all the information presented above, we can conclude ZGPAX S8 is a useful gadget for your everyday needs. It may not have as many functions as you wish, but considering its price, specs are quite decent. The S8 is particularly helpful for people who travel and drive most of their time because of GPS and compass sensor. All in all, we recommend it to anyone who prefers organization and efficiency as key features of their lifestyle.

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Feel free to post your opinions about the device in the comment section below the article.

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