Xiaomi Mi Drone – Features Overview

Xiaomi unveiled the long-awaited Mi Drone, and it aims to take the competition to another level. The Chinese company is well known for it’s very lo price smartphone which give the larger companies a run for their money. Now they are venturing into new grounds with the Mi Drone. So what is it? Xiaomi Mi is a awesome drone with lot of features and functions at economical price avaible in drones for sale category in market .you can fly it in sky or indoors anytime to get memorable drone flying experince only with xiomi mi.



The Xiaomi Mi Drone will be available in two versions, a 1080P version which can record upto 100-fps and a 4K version which can record upto 30-fps, and both the versions will be able to take 16, 12 or 8-MP still images. The camera which is made by Sony has a large 140-degree wide angle lens which enables the drone to capture amazing video or photos. The wide angle lens also helps in the case of post-editing where, if the drone was not stable, it can be cropped and stabilized in post-production. The camera also allows for full manual controls over the Shutter speed, ISO and focal length. It is yet to be confirmed if the drone can control these variables depending on the flying pattern. The camera also has an optical and digital zoom which enables the drone to capture images without getting close to dangerous places like near to power lines. The camera is connected to a 3-Axis gimbal which helps in further stabilizing the footage, and can be dis-connected from the drone for easy transport. The videos taken are contained in MP4 format (Presumably in H.264) and the images captured are in JPEG format. However the sensor which is made by Sony is capable of taking RAW DNG format images.



The Xiaomi Mi Drone is controlled using a conventional 2.4-GHz remote control that is similar to DJI’s Phantom 4 controller, however the Mi Drone controller also has a few switches for automated flight patterns. In addition to that, there are also a few buttons on the back of the controller similar to the X-Box One controller, however the function of those buttons is yet to be unveiled. The remote control also as the 2.4-GHz antena for the general control and another 5.8-GHz antena

for the live view feed from the camera, and even possibly control the camera similar to the DJI drones.

When it comes to smartphone feature side of things, there are features such as follow-me, which follows the controller from a predefined distance, point-of-interest, where the drone orbits around a stationary fixed point or an object. Furthermore the drone can be flown anonymously to and from a fixed point on GPS from the phone. There are a few features that are directly placed on the controller like the ‘return-home’ button which brings back the drone to the controllers’ position, and the automatic-off on landing button, which does exactly what it sounds like.


Battery Pack

The Xiaomi Mi Drone has a 5,100 mAh battery which is removable, and has a built-in charge indicator which is similar to Xiaomi’s power banks with a series of LED’s and a button to turn it on and off. The battery pack’s implementation looks very similar to that of DJI’s which is not a bad thing per say. According to Xiaomi the battery pack can keep the drone in flight for up to 27 minutes with the gimbal and camera fully operational.



In order to fully optimize the flight and make the drone as stable as possible, Xiaomi uses a 3D sensor system which uses sonar-like tech and is accompanied by a GPS system which is similar to what the Phantom 3 & 4 uses. This enables the drone to be flown indoors or when the drone needs to fly very close to the ground.


Propellers and Rotors

The propellers Xiaomi decided to use the Mi Drone are the industry standard 10-Inch ones, however Xiaomi uses a differend ABS plastic which they make in-house to make them last longer. The Xiaomi Mi Drone also uses self-locking motors which are also the industry standard and is used by all the major players in the Drone marketplace.


Probably the most surprising (or maybe not) factor about the Xiaomi Mi Drone is the pricing.  The Xiaomi Mi Drone is available from $460 for the 4K model and $380 for the 1080P model. However the public availability and the global market availability have not been announced yet.

Source : MyDrivers (Chinese)

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