Bluboo Xtouch vs Vernee Thor comparison: which One is best?

The Vernee Thor, which lies in a mid-tier category and Uber features is gonna up against the xtouch from Bluboo. It’s Charlie from Geedlove, what’s up everybody and this is the comparison between Vernee Thor and Bluboo Xtouch.

Mid-tier phones usually give us the idea of ordinary design, low build quality and most importantly, the unpleasant using experience. However, that was a few years ago. Now you could get decent smartphones for a much lower price. Like these top two picks in my hand.


The phones use completely different material in their design, and that results in different looks and grip feeling. The Vernne thor is inspired from cobble stone shape which features curves and  rounded edges. Although most of the smartphones have been designed in this way to provide comfortable handling experience. But I do like the Babyskin rubber paint on the phone, which is very comfortable and easy to maintain. If you like the combination of glass and metal, You’ll prefer the way Xtouch looks with its mirror 3D back, curved metal frame. The nicely CNC cut frame comprising with glass gives you the elegant and premium feeling. But the back cover can get smudgy from your fingerprint after using it for a while. Both phones are pretty easy to use in one hand thanks to their compact size.


The Vernee Thor has a 5inch 720 x 1280 display that works out 294 ppi and it has 2.5D Gorilla Glass 3 to protects the display. The body is almost the same size as iPhone 6s.
Xtouch’s screen is also 5inch but with a higher resolution 1080 x 1920 JDI display, you’re going to get higher display quality, fast response and lower power consumption. We think both phones will give you overall great performance and enjoyable visual experience. Including videos, games and even text.


On the hardware parts, the only difference is the built-in storage, which makes obvious different when it comes to real-world usage. For those of you who needs tons of Apps, pictures, videos and games, 16GB of ROM in the Vernee Thor could make you frustrate. Xtouch, on the other hand, has 32GB internal storage. Fortunately, both devices support micro SD card.  The processors of these phones are the same, which is the Octa core MT6753 clocked at 1.3GHz. This chipset has been used on so many Chinese smartphones last year and it’s probably the most stable and well developed chipset on the market. There are 3GB of RAM that can easily handle multiple tasks and running big games. Speaking of the hardware, they all have fingerprint readers and the positions of the two are different. On the Vernee Thor, the sensor is on the back, it’s pretty easy to place your index finger on the sensor to unlock and wake the phone at the same time. The same convenient operation can also be found on Xtouch but it’s up on the front and integrated on the physical home key. Connectivity across the board is very similar, but Vernee Thor lacks 850MHz on 3G network. For the wifi, Xtouch supports dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz, which has more stable connections. Especially when you watch stream videos or download large files. Enhanced GPS modules are added on both phones, but because Xtouch not only supports GPS but also GLONASS, the phone gets the position quicker. Another difference is about the audio, Blutoo put an independent “Smart Audio” management chip on the motherboard to decode audio. Vernee Thor gets a single speaker on the lower back, and the blueboo Xtouch has a dual speaker at the bottom. That makes the the Xtouch sound louder than the thor. A larger batter in the Xtouch give it a little bit more longevity over all,  with a 3050mAh battery you can get one day and a half of battery life. On the Vernee thor, there is a 2800mAh battery that provides about a day usage.


Sony camera vs Unknown camera. Sony is the best smartphone camera supplier in the world, and for mid range smartphones, we’re glad that Xtouch packs a decent 13MP Sony imx214 sensor with a dual tone LED. On the Vernee Thor, you get a 13MP image sensor, which might be from Omnivision. Both phones runs original android camera APP, but you have more options and shooting mode on Xtouch. Let’s take a look at some of the sample shots.

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