GitUp Git2 Pro Action Camera Review

For those of you who are action and extreme sports lovers, we have an exciting product, all new GitUp Git2 Pro Action camera. In the market dominated by GoPro cameras, Chinese manufacturer named GitUp (great play on words in the name) has offered a very competitive product. Is this low-cost action camera on par with the industry leaders? What are its advantages and what are its flaws? Continue reading, because all of these and other important questions will be answered in the GitUp Git2 Pro Action camera review.

GitUp Git2 Pro Action Camera promo image, black camera on a orange background

Before we go any further with our review, please take a moment to check out GitUp Git2 Pro specifications:


Chipset Novatek NTK96660
Lens High quality all glass elements
Angle of View: 170°,120°
Sensor Sony Exmor IMX206 16MP
LCD Display 1.5 inches LCD screen
Video Resolution 2160P HD video: 2880 x 2160; 24fps;
1440P HD video: 2560 x 1440; 30fps;
1440P 4:3 HD video: 1920 x 1440; 30fps;
1296P HD video: 2304 x 1296; 30fps;
1080P HD video: 1920 x 1080; 60fps;
1080P 4:3 HD video: 1440 x 1080; 60fps
1080P HD video: 1920 x 1080; 30fps;
720P HD video: 1280 x 720; 120fps;
720P HD video: 1280 x 720; 60fps;
720P HD video: 1280 x 720; 30fps;
WVGA video: 848 x 480; 30fps;
VGA: 648 x 480; 240fps
Video Format H.264 encoder, MP4 video container
Video Loop Mode Supported
Photo Resolutions 16MP(4608*3456),12MP (4032*3024),8MP (3264*2448),5MP (2592*1944),3MP (2048*1536)
Time Lapse Photo 2 sec. / 5 sec. / 10 sec. / 30 sec. / 60 sec.
Shutter Speed 1/30 Sec. / 2 Sec. / 5 Sec. / 10 Sec. / 15 Sec. / 20 Sec. / 30 Sec / 1 Min.
Microphone & Speaker Built-in microphone, No speaker
External microphone supported
Video Out HD Video: Micro HDMI (HDMI cable sold separately)
Analog Video: Mini USB (AV-Out composite cable sold separately)
Quick start recording Supported
G-sensor Supported
Wi-Fi Supported
Remote Control Optional
Ports Mini USB ,Micro HDMI,MicroSD
Storage microSD memory card with a Class 10 or UHS-1 rating
Up to 64GB capacity supported
Record times vary with resolutions and frame rates
Battery & Charging Battery: 950mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
Battery life: up to 90 minutes in FullHD mode
USB Charging: DC 5V 1000 mA
Weights and Measurements Camera weight: 64g
Camera with housing weight: 154g
Dimensions: 59 x 30 x 41mm


Because this is the Pro version of the package, there is a plethora of additional equipment that comes with the GitUp Git2 Pro camera. Everything from the camera with battery and waterproof casing, to bike mount, USB cable, a couple of adhesive tapes, a tripod, user manual and so on. The good thing is that GitUp Git2 Pro is the same size as GoPro cameras. You can use the additional kit for those cameras if you have any or you know someone who has.

GitUp Git2 Pro Action Camera and additional accessories lying on a white table

Design and Build quality

GitUp Git2 Pro is built from high-quality plastic with the interesting texture. It is very compatible and light, weighing only 64gr. This kind of cameras are made for outdoor usage, so it has to be very sturdy and able to withstand an impact. The design is very straightforward and minimalistic, yet it seems very exciting.

On the front of the device, the 1.5-Inch display is located. Above the display, there is a logo of the company and LED in the far left corner.

GitUp Git2 Pro Action Camera display turned on, siting on the white desk.

On the back (or the front, depending how you look at it) there is power/mode button on the left and protruded camera on the right. Above the power button, there are two LEDs for signaling various tasks.

GitUp Git2 Pro Action Camera sitting on the white table.

On the left side, there are USB connector, HDMI port, and microphone.The right side houses micro SD slot, another LED, and programmable button.

GitUp Git2 Pro Action Camera sitting on the white table.

GitUp Git2 Pro Action Camera sitting on a white table

On the top of the device, there is a button for snapping the pictures nad videos as well as another LED. Bellow the GitUp Git2 Pro there is a removable cover that covers the battery. Buttons on the camera are pretty clicky and tactile feedback is excellent. As we have already mentioned, build quality is outstanding.

GitUp Git2 Pro Display

The screen on the GitUp Git2 Pro is LCD with only 1.5-Inch in diagonal, and it has the resolution of 960×240 pixels. This display isn’t meant for anything other than to see what you are shooting and is the desired object in the frame. Naturally, you can see pictures and videos you’ve taken on it, but the results are not going to be entertaining at all.

GitUp Git2 Pro Action Camera sitting on the white desk, display on

Central Processing Unit

GitUp Git2 Pro is running on Novatek NTK96660 SOC. Specific information about the chip is not that important. What matters is that this CPU is strong enough to cope with demanding video and picture processing without a hassle.


The part you all have been waiting for in this review. GitUp Git2 Pro is endowed with Sony’s Exmor IMX206 16-Megapixel sensor. There are many shooting modes with different resolutions and framerates. Highest resolution is 4K@24fps, but it is achieved by interpolation. Besides that, we would like to mention 2K@30fps as well as 1080p@60fps and plenty of other shooting modes. Recording quality is really high with minimal noise and plenty of details. Video stabilization is especially good even if its only software related while viewing angles can be either 170 or 120 degrees. There are several resolution modes for pictures and 16-Megapixel is the maximum. Pictures (as well as videos) have plenty of details, great white balance, and colors true to life. There is an RAW image mode for photography enthusiasts. Many of you will use this camera mainly for shooting the action videos, and that is the part where it excels. Naturally, you can use it for dash camera as well. Just attach it to your car and it will automatically start recording. Sound capture is magnificent, but it can even be better with the use of external microphones. All in all, this little guy is packing some serious “firepower”.

click for a bigger image

Storage Capacity

GitUp Git2 Pro action camera supports up to 64GB of storage with the use of micro SD cards. It is highly recommended that you use at least class 6 card. Optimally, it would be the best if you use class 10 or UHS-1 memory card with the device. 64GB is plenty of storage space, and it will be sufficient for most users.

You can buy a great memory card on the link bellow:

OS and Connectivity Options

This device has proprietary OS built in, and it is very easy to learn how to use it. The good thing is that you can connect it with your smartphone with Android or iOS and use the phone as a remote. All you have to do is to install the application on your phone and connect via Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, only third party app called FinalCam can be used, but it is not that good. We are hoping that GitUp will soon release its official app for several operating systems. When it comes to connectivity GitUp Git2 Pro is a really capable device. You can connect it to a computer or TV via USB or HDMI port.

Battery Life

GitUp Git2 Pro has removable 950mAh lithium-ion battery. Battery seems minuscule on paper, but it is sufficient enough when it comes to actual recording. The battery is good enough for 90 minutes of 1080p video recording, and that is quite right.

GitUp Git2 Pro Action Camera with its hatch opened and battery removed on a white table.

Additional Accessories

There are plenty of additional accessories that come with GitUp Git2 Pro action camera.

  • Waterproof casing for the camera – with it, you can shoot underwater as deep as 30m and create some original and creative videos.
  • Bike mount – for mounting the camera on your bicycle or motorbike and creating some crazy action shots.

Of course, there are many other pieces of equipment, but these are some of the most important ones. There is also a wrist remote for controlling your camera from your wrist. Very practical accessory but you have to buy it separately.

You can buy it on a link we provided bellow.

Pros and Cons

It is the part of our review where we present you all the advantages and disadvantages that this device has.


  • Very portable
  • Excellent camera capabilities and quality of videos
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Large number of additional accessories in the package


  • Third party Android application is not up to standards

Our opinion

GitUp Git2 Pro is exactly what it says it is, a high-quality action camera that offers a plethora of possibilities for a competitive price. We liked this funny little device a lot, and we would recommend it to anyone that like recording their ventures but don’t want to spend a bunch of money for the device of this type.

If you wish to purchase this device you can do it on the link bellow because as always, we provide links to best deals:

Feel free to express your opinion on this device in the comment section bellow.

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