Exclusive Leak: Anker is Building a Drone, And It Will Be Called Metakoo (Photos)

The tech world was revolutionized with drones. Small and versatile, these devices changed the industry of entertainment, security, and recording. Planting a camera on a speedy drone enabled us to record amazing videos on every life’s occasion. They are the next big thing in tech world, and the industry is always advancing; new and improved models are reaching amazing heights and fly at amazing speeds.
The latest leak we got surprised us in a way. Anker, a leading brand in mobile power will expand their product line with a drone model, code named „Metakoo“.Anker drone Metakoo

The device is being built at the company’s headquarters, and there is no information about its release. The source close to the company’s management reported that the team is working on a model of a „flying device“ indoors, without any information put out to the public. The leak turned out to be true, as we got the confirmation about the upcoming drone product from Anker. The drone will be small, and have slightly bigger rotors and high-quality engine, as our source reports. The drone from Anker will have a plethora of functional possibilities, alongside the versatility and notable speed.

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As you can see, the dark gray and orange are dominating the device, and it is capable of performing some serious movements. 360-degree rotations will be a breeze for the new MetaKoo drone. You’ll be able to lift off and go down quickly with one touch. Transmitter allows for a quick descend and ascend, all regulated via controller. As the company’s promo pictures state, the altitude sensor won’t allow the drone to crash to the ground.

We don’t have any specific detail regarding the specs or the projected price of the product, but looking at the images, we can be confident that the new release from Anker will meet the quality standards of the company. That’s a proven fact – the products from Anker are synonyms of quality, durability, and affordability.

Looking at this point, we expect a formal press release from the company in the upcoming days. We await anxiously for the new drone on the market.


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