Zeblaze Miniwear Smartwatch coming soon

Zeblaze Miniwear Smartwatch coming soon

Zeblaze Miniwear Smartwatch is set to be the latest in a successful range of Smartwatches from the Zeblaze company.

What will set the Zeblaze Miniwear Smartwatch apart from other Smartwatches is its form factor, the watch has a 1.2″ 240 x 240 resolution IPS display, which is set behind a single arc 3d lens to provide the highest quality with great viewing angles.

zeblaze mini display

Featuring the latest Mediatec MTK2502C SOC the Zeblaze Miniwear Smartwatch which will provide improved performance up to 60% whilst also benefiting from up to 30% savings in battery usage compared to the previous Mediatec SOC.

This should help to ensure that usage is not just blazingly fast but will keep going when other wearables have run out of battery.

zeblaze mini soc

With a selection of five dial designs that have been provided by 10 top designers, Zeblaze have also worked hard to make the phone more personal for its wearer, giving you a different dial to suit whatever occasion or outfit you are wearing.

zeblaze mini display

The phones will be available in  a choice of both Stainless Steel and Gold , with a choice of crocodile skin style leather straps in Black and Brown.

zeblaze mini black goldZeblaze are also using a new magnetic suction charging solution, similar to the one found on Apple’s range of Macbook computers, just bring the connector close to the back of the watch and it snaps on to form a fast and convenient connection to charge your Zeblaze Miniwear Smartwatch.

zeblaze mini mag connector

The Zeblaze Miniwear will be released soon and once samples are ready for review, I will update you.

For now I would love to hear what you think of the Zeblaze Miniwear Smartwatch, what do you think it will retail for? what features would you like to see on the watch? has it got enough style and features to make it a must buy on your shopping list?

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below

Regards Shane

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