New Mini Wear From Zeblaze: Mini, But Powerful

Zeblaze is a company on the rise in the recent period, and their models receive a good amount of solid comments, quality reviews, and publicity. The overall quality and the value for the money that the products from this Chinese company bring are ahead of the competition. The latest news from the production line came to our office, stating that the new model of Mini Wear is coming our way.


The company is striving to produce new and improved products, offer decent prices, and have a recognizable design that distinguishes them on the market.

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What will new Mini Wear have?

The exclusive leak brought the information of the new product coming our way, but we don’t possess the knowledge of the new model’s specs, release date, and the projected price.

Previous Mini Wear had the 1.21-inch IPS display featuring 240×240 px resolution. Considering this spec, we expect that the new Mini will have either a bigger screen or the higher resolution.

Next, the last Mini had an MTK 2502C processor, an outdated model from 2014, and we expect a significant upgrade on this field. Zeblaze announced on their website that the new models in their smartwatch line will have the latest MTK processors.

We expect the battery improvements in the new Mini. The latest version had a decent runtime with Polymer lithium ion battery with 200 mAh capacity, and that can be surpassed for sure. On the other hand, all the basic features regarding the sensors and chronograph are expected, without any considerable surprises.

We can say with certainty that the standard waterproof IP65 can easily be surpassed, and that new Mini will most certainly have this feature. Connectivity-based, with Bluetooth 4.2 announced, we are certain that the new model from Zeblaze will have this connectivity standard.
The new Mini Wear is coming soon, and it will certainly have the Zeblaze design standard, and we expect it to be a stunner. Stand by for further, detailed news on release date, the price and the specs.

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