QiCycle, Smart Bike from the Xiaomi

Chinese Smartphone company redefining themselves with New Smart Bike Launch

Despite the Xiaomi started as the Smartphone Company, they are redefining themselves with the range of the products they are bringing into the daily life + tech market. We have already listed the range of the products Xiaomi manufacture and again Xiaomi is adding one more product to the list; QiCycle bike, probably a smart bike.

We have already seen other company LeEco (formerly known as LeTv) transforming from the video company to Smartphone company and recently they made some different smart move and showing off their Smart bike available in China for US $ 800. The smart bike is made using Carbon fibre and Titanium and features smart function like calling and messaging, handlebars monitoring Heart rate and moreover running Android 6.0.

LeEco Smart Bike priced for 800$
LeEco Smart Bike priced for 800$

Lei Jun, CEO of the Xiaomi, himself is fond of the Cycling sport so it is no surprise to Xiaomi to come with up their new bicycle. Before this Lei had already hinted about the possibility of Xiaomi coming up with bicycles on his microblog.

Now, the message from the WSJ – Wall Street Journal, Mi finally launched their bikes named as QiCycle from their investments iRiding Hands. It is reported that the QiCycle has carbon – fiber body weighing only 7 kg. The very first version of Qicycle is released for the consumer groups and professional cyclists which means the price is definitely not cheap and yes it is marked for the price of the $ 3000, equivalent to about 19500 yuan.

Like mostly battery powered bikes, Qicycle will be a hybrid model harnessing the power from the pedal and further specs are yet to be disclosed.

But as per other reports from the Wall Street Journal, since the price is very expensive, Mi is also planning to launch a lower priced bicycles which will have Mi’s logo and the price will be probably around US $ 450 to US $ 500.

Xiaomi is planning to create new brand for its ecosystem products by the end of the March.

Lets see the if this Qicycle will be fully compatible with their existing gadgets; Mi Bands, Mi phones and upcoming (who knows what Xiaomi is up to) gadgets.

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