Exclusive Leak from Xiaomi: A Facial Steamer

We have information about a unique new product from Xiaomi that will introduce this Chinese company to a brand new field in the market. The word is out about a modern, quality-made facial steamer that could probably announce the Company’s great entrance onto the spa and wellness scene.

Although the company issued no exact info, we have acquired insider photos of Xiaomi’s latest device. As you are able to see for yourself, the facial steamer is featured in the shape of a standard model made from plastic. Xiaomi had taken it up a notch when they decided to make their model in vibrant colors with a bold pattern resembling a blossoming cherry.

xiaomi facial steamer sideways on a white background

What is a facial steamer?

For those of you who might be unaware, a facial steamer is a device that uses steam to moisturize and thoroughly clean your skin.  Facial steamers are known for dredging pores and are proven to have anti-septic properties. As the end result, you’ll have a smooth and healthy skin in the comfort of your own home without the need to pay for expensive facial treatments.

The best thing about this kind of facial steamers is that their usage is quite straightforward. You simply need to hold your face above the device and let the steam get deep into your skin so it can drive out toxins and give you moisture at the same time. This technique, although recently popularized, has been used as a beauty and health treatment for thousands of years in ancient China.

xiaomi facial steamer en face on a white background

Facial steamers have grown immensely popular over the past few years. The wellness market grows each day, so it comes as a no surprise that even companies as big as Xiaomi have their line of products. We have a feeling that this facial steamer is just a taste of things that are yet to come.  FSJAXQD4   €44.99    expire date: 2016-5-31

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