Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S7 and Xiaomi Mi5: No Infrared?

The competition in the smartphone market is severe. Manufacturers are doing their best to provide the latest features to the users, and cope with the latest standards, all to win the customers. When the world leading tech brand, Samsung, releases its newest flagship, a lot of media hype arises. That was the case with the latest S7/Edge. On the other (Asian) side, we have Xiaomi’s latest powerhouse, Mi5, which dominates the hardware aspect in the market, while providing a lower price, and more advancing technologies.

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Comparing the two behemoths is a demanding, but a privileged task. In an epic battle of Samsung Galaxy S7 VS. Xiaomi Mi5, a thorough research paper can be made to settle the score. Today we’re examining the minor differences between the two, and soon we will compare them in detail for you.

Differences Between Samsung Galaxy S7 and Xiaomi Mi5

To make the customer happy, manufacturers must fulfil everyone’s needs and desires, especially if the flagship price is high. In that case, the device must be perfect. Samsung has been listening to the customer’s needs and requests, and the upgrade of the last year’s model, S6, is excellent. The successor has microSD card slot, it’s waterproof by IP68 standard, the battery is bigger, and the new “Always On” feature is really practical.

Still, the perfect device doesn’t exist.

In the hype of the new Samsung flagship, the communities online held various polls to gather the opinion of the new device’s hardware; even Samsung did this. The recent one that took our attention was the poll about the things that Galaxy S7 lacks; the poll which proves to be very popular among people recently.


The results are definitely amazing, as the majority of the people who participated in this short survey answered they think S7 lacks IR blaster! What a strange surprise from Samsung; especially if you take the previous models from the Galaxy family – starting from ancient S3, they all had an IR blaster. Some users might oversee this feature, or not treat it as important, but the results of the poll definitely point the opposite.

Looks like people love IR blaster, and Samsung, you’ve made a mistake here.

The reasons behind this might be in the casing of the new flagship, or the claims that IR is outdated technology; the companies will start to discard it from the specs of the future smartphones. The poll shows that this is an obvious mistake by the Japanese tech giant; the stereo speakers, USB Type-C and Pressure-sensitive display followed the IR as the features that S7 lacks.

Comparing to the Chinese counterparts Mi5, or LeTV Le Ma Pro, who avoided the mistake, the race to the best-selling flagship in Asian markets is getting more and more close. A small difference for some, but big if you ask us.

What do you think of the lacking features of Galaxy S7?
Are the Chinese counterparts good alternatives?
What is your choice?

Let us know in the comments below.

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